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Libyans demand disbandment of militia

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LIbyan protesters took to the streets on Sunday calling for the disbanding of militias that have plagued Tripoli since the end of the 2011 war, Reuters reports.

The government said it was working on taking back control of the interior ministry besieged by an armed group that entered the building on Tuesday and ordered staff to leave.

A crowd of 300 people gathered in the capital’s central Algeria Square waving white flags and carrying banners reading “No brigades, no militias, we want an army loyal to the state” as well as “Without an army and police, Libya is trouble”.

Armed groups made up of former rebel fighters from different parts of the North African country have grown in power and ambition since Muammar Gaddafi’s ouster and the weak central government has struggled to impose its authority over them.

“Most of the problems in the city are caused by militias fighting for power,” Nasreldeen Abdullah, one of the organisers of the protest, said.




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