Kenya Election: Aspirant seeks spiritual assistance in Nigeria

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AHEAD of the March 4 Presidential Election in Kenya, Raila Odinga, one of the presidential aspirants, has sent emissaries to Nigeria, ostensibly, for spiritual assistance.

Odinga, Saturday, sent a two-man emissaries to the world headquarters of a spiritual organisation, the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, based in Calabar, Nigeria, to court Leader Olumba Olumba Obu’s spiritual support and favour to enable him win the race.

Led by a priest, resident in Kenya, Joseph Abeng, the delegation was received inside the worship hall of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, by Leader Obu, who is reported to have influential presence and following in that country.

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Joseph Abeng said Odinga has a lot of respect for the leader of the spiritual organisation and believes that his prayers, which had helped him previously, could also work in his favour during the presidential election in his country.

Abeng said Odinga, who is facing stiff opposition from one of the leading candidates, Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of the founder of modern Kenya, asked him to appeal to His Olumba Obu to similarly pray and work for him the way he did for Barack Obama of the United States of America.

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