French FM jets to Cameroon to meet freed French family

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France Foreign minister, Laurent Fabius has left Paris for Yaounde, capital of Cameroon to greet the French family of seven freed by Nigeria’s Boko Haram.

After President Paul Biya’s announcement of the release of the family captured in northern cameroon 19 February, France also confirmed the seven-man family, which includes four children aged between 5 and 12, was “all healthy.”

The president’s office said Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had immediately left for Cameroon to greet the family, which includes four young children.

In a later comment, French President Francois Hollande said no ransom had been paid for the freedom of the family.

Speaking in Paris about the released family, he reaffirmed that France “does not cede on (its) principles”, the “non-payment by France of ransoms.”

Cameroonian President Paul Biya had earlier announced that the family had been “handed over last night to Cameroonian authorities”.

The family, who were based in Cameroon, were visiting the Waza National Park when they were kidnapped.

The family comprised Tanguy Moulin-Fournier, the husband and his wife Albane, as well as their four sons, Eloi, Andeol, Mael and Clarence.

Tanguy’s brother Cyril Moulin-Fournier was on vacation and with them at the time.

The three adults are all around 40 years old.

The family, with the exception of the uncle, moved to Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital, in autumn 2011 when the father began a job there overseeing the construction of a liquid natural gas plant.

The uncle lives in Barcelona, Spain.


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