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Contributors and Opinion
Many people use to build their online reputation and create a regular professional web presence in their industry. It’s an ideal means to build your personal brand.

Who should apply to become a Contributor?

– Conference speakers (token)
– Senior executives (token)
– Consultants
– Industry experts
– Bloggers

How to become a contributor?

Apply to become a Contributor by submitting your topical industry news, views and issues to our editorial team. Are you an expert in your industry sector? Contributions can be sent to [email protected], together with a short personal profile, portrait pic, contact details and a preferred pen name to be included at the beginning of your article.

Articles we do not accept:

Hyping of politicians and celebrity
content bothering on religious hate
Poor composition
content with hyperlink
Content already published on other websites

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Naija Center reserve the right to publish articles submitted or not, particularly if it is believed it does not meet the standard or violate any of the above conditions.

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  1. bie desmond   May 9, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    our military men are die evry day,our president av d power to giv d military order to pull out dis people our military men fighting for our country to b peaceful no food for them no money for them let our president look in to dis das y we voted u mr president,dis our so called leaders dat are doing corruption bring dem out set example on one people and u will see other will set up u av dis power we are strongly behind u mr president,is a message to our president

  2. Kaius Ikejezie   September 25, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    Publishing with you is easy and fast. Please keep it. Ikejezie


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