Husband Snatching: Foluke Daramola, Bukola At War

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The controversy surrounding the marriage of Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola to Kayode Salako is far from over as Bukola, her friend, has lashed out at her for snatching another woman’s husband.

Bukola, who stormed P.M.NEWS office Thursday, said she didn’t introduce Foluke to Kayode so that both of them would get married, but to enable cash-strapped Foluke to get financial assistance from Kayode.

Kayode was happily married before he met Foluke. His marriage then crashed and he’s now married to Foluke.

Foluke Daramola and Kayode during their wedding

One subject of discussion that actress Foluke Daramola will not welcome at a dinner table is Bukola Fasuyi. It was not always that way. Bukola and the actress used to be close friends until recently, when she got married–for the second time.

While Foluke has remain tight-lipped on what caused the break-up between her and Bukola, the latter has been having a field day in the media, lynching her friend.

In an interview with P.M.NEWS Entertainment Cafe on Tuesday, Bukola queried her ex-friend’s choice of Kayode Salako as husband on the ground that he is married with kids. On the surface, Bukola’s disapproval of Foluke’s marriage to an already married man appears well founded.

But beneath her sanctimonius posturing is her admission that she was the one that introduced Foluke to Salako. The plan, she claimed, was to have them date, not marry.

Bukola Fasuyi

Bukola explained that on 13 February, 2012, she was with Salako at Mamas Restaurant, Omole, Lagos, when Foluke called her and she invited her to join them at the fun haven. She allegedly smoothened Salako’s path to Foluke’s heart with an assurance that the man would take care of her financially. Foluke, she alleged, was broke and needed financial assistance like flowers need rain.

It did not go according to her plan, as Foluke and Salako wrote their own script by getting married, a development that angered Salako’s first wife enough to move out of her matrimonial home.

“Kayode was my very good friend, likewise Foluke. Why I joined them together was basically because Foluke was in trauma, and she needed help. I thought of introducing her to Kayode so that he could assist. I told her that it is fine if the relationship leads to marriage, but I never envisaged that it would break Kayode’s first marriage. God sees my heart that in as much as I want Foluke’s happiness, I didn’t want her to break another woman’s home. Ever since this happened, my heart has been troubling me, and I have asked for forgiveness,” said Bukola.

Her decision to seek forgiveness for what–stripped of its gloss–was pimping, Bukola claimed, was informed by the Holy Spirit, which told her tell the world how her friend met and  Salako. Bukola, a Public Relations practitioner, explained that she started feeling guilty the moment Kayode’s first wife moved out of her matrimonial home.

The face-off, which has been trending on social media for some days now, has sparked controversies, as the parties involved have been receiving knocks and support in equal measure.

Unsurprisingly, Bukola is the one getting  more of the knocks. Chioma, one of those that commented to Bukola’s claim on a social website, wrote: “The truth is that both women are foolish, but Bukola is the devil. If I was Mr. Salako, I wouldn’t listen to this Bukola of a woman because she is the destroyer of a home…”

Many commenters reckon that for Bukola to start experiencing a bout of contrition after wrecking a home was hypocritical because she knew the man was married when she facilitated a dalliance with Foluke. Bukola’s defence, as she explained to P.M. NEWS Entertaiment Cafe, was: “I was just trying to help a friend. Foluke was seriously broke then, so I decided to introduce her to a man that could lift her up.” The man evidently has–to Bukola’s chagrin.

An attempt at getting Foluke’s view was subtly rebuffed, as she explained that her husband has warned her not to engage Bukola in a war of words.

But in telephone interview, Salako branded Bukola a hypocrite. “I have known Bukola Fasuyi for many years and I know her very well. She cannot be claiming to be Holy Spirit-filled now. She cannot be claiming to be feeling guilty because she also lives off married men. All she does is arrange ladies for married men. Besides, all the men she has been dating are all married men. How can a woman who drinks heavily and smokes marijuana claim to be Holy Spirit filled overnight? I’m married to Foluke Daramola and she is a woman I love very much.”

Salako debunked Bukola’s claim that he had been asking her out for about one and half years. According to him, he only asked her out once, but was discouraged by the condition she gave. “She told me that she is a crazy lover and that if we date, she’d want to marry me. And I said if that should be the case, we should forget about it. That was when she first talked about introducing Foluke Daramola to me,” Salako added.

Salako, who is popularly known as Fasholamania, added that his relationship with Foluke is unconnected to the reason his first wife left. “My first wife has not told anybody that she left the house because of Foluke. She is the mother of my kids, and I still have a good relationship with her. We still speak on the phone.”



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