Tell the whole truth concerning your Supreme Court victory, APC tasks Wike

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The Chairman of the Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress [APC], Chief Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, has urged Rivers people, nay Nigerians to ignore the numerous campaigns by Gov. Nyesom Wike under the guise of thanksgiving service to mark his victory at the Nigerian Supreme Court but should ask the governor to provide further explanations to his confessions of how he got his victory at the Supreme Court.

Nyesom Wike
Nyesom Wike

Reacting to Saturday’s PDP thanksgiving service at the Liberation Stadium, Elekahia, and the now familiar vituperations of Gov. Nyesom Wike, Chief Ikanya wondered why Gov. Wike has refused to address key issues he raised in his confession concerning how he got victory at the Supreme Court.

“For example, Gov. Wike told the world while speaking on live television that he got his victory at the Supreme Court because Dr. Peter Odili directed him on who to meet and what to do. Let Wike also explain to the world who and who Dr. Peter Odili directed him to meet and where and where the former governor directed him to go that brought about victory for him [Wike] at the Supreme Court,” Dr. Ikanya demanded.

The APC State Chairman further wondered the kind of advice that Gov. Wike would have received from former governor Peter Odili, a medical doctor, which resulted to victory for him at the Supreme Court.

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“We know that the matter before the Supreme Court was legal and not medical, how come it was Dr. Peter Odili, a medical doctor, who would direct Wike on a purely legal matter? Surely, Nyesom Wike has not disclosed all that happened” Ikanya stated.

“It has become more curious to most people that Gov. Wike openly acknowledged that his Supreme Court victory was a result of the advice he got from Dr. Peter Odili hence the need for the governor to tell Rivers people and Nigerians the nature of the advice, especially those the former governor directed him to meet which got him victory at the Supreme Court,” Chief Ikanya stated.

The APC State Chairman condemned Gov Wike’s attempt to politicise the crisis in Ogoniland for his own political benefit.

“It took the State Governor more than two weeks to visit ONELGA where over 26 persons were killed with most of the victims’ beheaded and their heads taken away. He has neither spoken nor visited Ahoada East where scores were also horrendously killed and still being killed. At his thanksgiving service yesterday, he only asked the audience to observe a minute silence for victims of the Bori crisis which he engineered with his war cry that the Ogonis must stop Senator Magnus Abe from returning to the Senate. Were those killed in ONELGA and Ahoada East not Rivers people? It clearly shows that he is behind the Ogoni crisis because of the forthcoming rerun elections,” Chief Ikanya charged.

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Chief Ikanya lamented that Killings across Rivers State are continuing with nine persons killed across the State by Sunday morning.

“Just this morning [Sunday], less than 24 hours after Wike’s thanksgiving service, 9 persons have been reported killed across the State. Four persons were killed each in Ahoada East LGA and Unyangala in Andoni LGAs while one person was killed in Ikwerre LGA bringing the total dead to nine,” Chief Ikanya announced.

The APC Chairman called on security agencies to ignore the antics of Gov. Nyesom Wike, who has since activated media war against the Army, and come to the aid of Rivers people who can no more sleep with both eyes closed across the State.

“The Army and other security agencies should ignore the media propaganda Gov. Wike is unleashing at them using faceless groups and persons and come to the rescue of innocent Rivers people who are now being killed like chickens by cult groups sponsored by PDP leaders in Rivers State,” Chief Ikanya pleaded.

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The APC State Chairman decried the prolonged killings in Rivers State which started before the 2015 elections and have remained and even getting worse. He attributed the sad development to the unholy alliance between Nyesom Wike, cult groups and warlords across Rivers State for the sake of political power.

“The spate of killings in Rivers State today has a direct correlation with the franchised killing groups Nyesom Wike entered into alliance with to enable him become Governor of Rivers State. He compensated some of the criminal gang leaders with State Assembly tickets and Caretaker positions but their foot soldiers are left to cater for themselves and that is why they have turned the guns they were given on innocent people. Gov. Wike has a number of options such as taking back the arms he gave them and rehabilitating them especially now that innocent people are being made victims,” Ikanya concluded.

  1. Sylvester Ldogho says

    if there is anything to it. the judge in the supreme court or of supreme. should be investigated.

  2. Solomon Ogeleka says

    APC make Una shame small naw! Must u always u always invent new propaganda?

  3. You are a winner.. No APC candidate can defeat you

  4. Fubara David-West says

    What might the socalled whole truth accomplish, overturn the decision of the Supreme Court?

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