Suspended Lawrence Okah Was Part of The Problem, Says Idahagbon

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  • says he’s consumed by the tiger’s tail he was hiding.
  • says Obaseki’s action is out of desperation
  • EPM is on ground and will soon unravel more plans
  • Kabaka aplogised to Obaseki for his uncouth language

Henry Idahagbon, a former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice under the administration of Governor Adams Oshiomhole says the suspended state secretary, Henry Okah is part of the problem in Edo State.

Idahagbon was responding to NAIJA CENTER queries on the recent development concerning the battle between the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress and the state governor, Adams Oshiomhole.

Suspended Lawrence Okah Was Part of The Problem, Says Idahagbon
Henry Idahiagbon, Edo State Attorney General

The former AG is a member of the Edo Peoples Movement for which reason Okah was suspended.

He cleared the suspended state secretary, saying he was not a member of the EPM.

Idahagbon said “Okah is not and has never been a member of EPM. As far as we are concerned, he’s part of the problem. He has now been consumed by the tiger on whose tail he has been riding.”

The EPM member also said the embattled Tony Kabaka Adun’s apology to the Edo State governor should not be taken out of context.

He said Kabaka apologised due to his uncout language against the governor.

“As for kabaka’s apologies, it’s normal. He apologised to the governor for his uncouth language. The governor occupies an exalted office. He’s senior to Tony in age,” he said.

Idahagbon described the recent action of the state governor to demolish houses allegedly built on government land as a sign of desperation.

He advised Obaseki to reach out to the party leaders in the state before the next year election.

“His recent actions show a high level of avoidable desperation. It also shows he’s no Democrat at heart. It is better to “jaw jaw” than to “war war“. Let him reach out to the leadership of the party, amend his ways and build a cohesive party to face next year’s election.

“Nobody is asking him to share money. That’s cheap blackmail. Was money shared when Comrade was Governor and he was head of the economic team? I’d like to know how much was shared to him,” he queried.

He added “Very soon, we let you know. I’m not at liberty now to disclose our next move. But be rest assured that epm is the conscience of the party in the state. We urge the governor as a matter of urgency to unite the party before it’s too late if he’s genuinely interested in the party’s success in the next Guber election!”


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