Steer clear of Oyo, APC warns Fayose

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IBADAN—FOLLOWING comments by the governor-elect of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, would clinch victory in Oyo State as it did in Ekiti, the All Progressives Congress party has warned him to stay away from  the state.

EFCC arrest Fayose

The warning was handed down by the party’s state Chairman, Chief Akin Oke yesterday.
He said unlike Ekiti, the Oyo State people were too sophisticated to be bought by the PDP.
He said; “The people of Oyo State are too sophisticated for the pedestrian politics being played by Fayose.”
“We warn the governor-elect to concentrate his energy on his Ekiti people as Oyo would be too hot for his kind of politics.

“We have watched Fayose’s flippancy getting worse by the day since his alleged victory in Ekiti. We do not have any qualms with his riding on a roller coaster of this supposed victory and talking down on everybody while telling them that he is the newest thing to happen in South West politics. We only warn him that that brand of murky politics which saw him grandstanding and riding roughshod over everybody will not work in Oyo State”.

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“We are a people who do not allow foreign Generals to lord it over us”.
The APC condemned what it called “Fayose’s sudden and uncontrolled attack on everyone, including leaders of the Yoruba people”, noting that  he(Fayose) should learn a lesson in keeping his mouth shut so that he does not incur the wrath of the ancestors of the Yoruba people.”

“The ancestors of Yoruba people warn that a farmer who just had his barn running over with a bountiful harvest must be humble enough to be sober in plenty. Doom awaits such a farmer in the long run. This warning is what Fayose is not heeding as he is running his trap against everybody,” said the APC.

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The APC said that its party-led government was beyond reproach as it had acquitted itself in the eyes of the people in the dispensation of the dividends of democracy.

The Oyo State APC Chairman also wondered why the PDP rally was held in a small corner of the capital of Ibadan with alleged rented crowd asking why the PDP could not muster enough people to fill a standard venue befitting of the state chapter of the much touted largest party in Africa in one of the most populous cities in Africa.

“It was glaring that the PDP in Oyo State lacked any credible leader or candidate who could put his legs into the shoes of the party-led government and had thus resorted to the engagement of mercenaries and the recycling of spent forces in the dream to win elections in the State.

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“The people of Oyo know that the APC government is an administration that has changed the dwindling fortune of the state from what the PDP, in eight years, lorded over it. The violence, decay and shame that the PDP foisted on our people for eight years have been written off and our people are witnessing an infrastructural revolution that is unparalleled. Our people will compare our government with the PDP government and make their choice,” said the APC.


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