Who really Destroyed Nigeria for the past 16yrs; PDP or APC?

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The cry for those who destroyed Nigeria for the past sixteen years have been placed on the head of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) since the current administration of the APC assumed power.

What puzzles many is that those who are top in the crocodile tears are the same people who had spent many years in the PDP, joined in the operation that led to the destruction of Nigeria and then jump fence to seek refuge.


The All Progressives Congress is now a safe haven for corrupt politicians who intend to jump prosecution in the PDP as many who had brought the stolen wealth to the NOW ruling Party are actually praised, given the opportunity to lash at their former criminal colleagues on how they (PDP) stole the country died.

Nigeria is a country where criminals yet to be caught publicly ridicule the criminals caught, a country where in the past, officials were accused of corruption but recently, under the administration of Muhammadu Buhari, corruption is now made official.

NAIJA CENTER NEWS online editor, Ehi Ekhator put a few list of those who had spent many years in the PDP and later jumped to APC to condemned those who decided to stay back.

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Very top few are:
Rotimi Amaechi – Former governor of Rivers state
Olusegun Obasanjo – Spent all his political career in PDP.
Aminu Tambuwal – Decamped to APC to contest governorship election and later called PDP members criminals.

Some of the Senators that defected to the All progressives Congress (APC) party in 2014 in a letter sent to the Senate President are.

1. Senator Bukola Saraki-Kwara Central
2. Senator Umaru Dahiru-Sokoto South
3. Senator Magnus Ngei Abe -Rivers South-East
4. Senator Wilson Asinobi Ake-Rivers West
5. Sen. Bindawa Muhammed Jibrilla-Adamawa North
6. Sen. Mohammed Danjuma Goje-Gombe central
7. Sen. Aisha Jummai Alhassan-Taraba North
8. Sen. Mohammed Ali Ndume-Borno South
9. Senator Mohammed Shaba Lafiaji-Kwara North
10. Sen. Abdulahi Adamu-Nasarawa West
11. Senator Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir-Sokoto East

1. Nasiru Sule
2. Ahmad Zarewa
3. Aliyu Sani Madaki
4. Bashir Babale
5. Alhassan Ado Dogon
6. Munir Dangyadi
7. Aminu Suleiman
8. Abdulmumin Jibril
9. Musa Ado
10 Mustapha Bala
11. Muhtari M.C.
12. Jagaba A. Jagaba
12. Kabiru Marafa Achida
13. Aminu Shehu Shagari
14. Isa Salihu Bashir
15. Abdullahi Mohammed Wamakko
16. Saalu Mohammed Nabunkari
17. Aliyu Shehu
18. Shuaibu Gwandu Gobir
19. Musa Sarkin Adar
20. Abdullahi Balarabe Salame
21. Umar Bature.
22. Andrew Uchendu,
23. Asita Honourable,
24. Sokonte Davies,
25. Dakuku Peterside,
26. Mpigi Barinada,
27. Pronen Maurice,
28. Dawari George
29. Ogbonna Nwuke.

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30. Ali Ahmad
31. Zakari Mohammed
32. Ahman Pategi
33. Rafiu Ibrahim
34. Mustapha Mashood
35. Aiyedokun Akeem.
36. Nasiru Sani Zagon Daura
37. Yakubu Dogara.

Emmanuel Jime
Herman Hembe

Yahaya Kwande

Isa Bashiru Mohammed
Isa Mohammed

Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed

list of prominent politicians who have defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC after the success of Muhammadu Buhari at the polls.

Former Edo state Governor, Osarhemen Osunbor
Edo PDP governorship candidate Maj-Gen. Charles Arhiavbere (rtd)
Gbemisola Saraki
Ondo state gubernatorial candidate in 2012, Dr. Olusola Oke
Jigawa State deputy governor, Ahmad Mahmud
Brigadier Gen Chris Onja (rtd)
Former AGF Michael Aondoakaa
Mrs. Ayoka Lawani (Oyo PDP)
Majority Leader in the Gombe State House of Assembly Hon. Mamman Alkalio
Mother of the former State Governor, Eunice Uzor Kalu
Former member of the House of Representatives, Hon Nnanna Uzor Kalu
Former Chief of Staff to Governor Theodore Orji, Mr. Mascot Uzor Kalu
Legal adviser of the outlawed Ombatse militia group, Zamani Allumaga
Former Deputy Senate Majority Leader, Jonathan Zwingina
Former Minister of External Affairs, Idi Hong
Serving Senator, Bello Tukur
Serving Senator, Ahmed Barata
PDP Chief, Sadiq Haske
Former military governor of Kaduna and Katsina States, Gen. Lawrence Onoja, rtd
Former PDP, governorship aspirant in Benue State,Dr Mathias Oyigeya
Former Chief of Staff to Senate President-David Mark, Chief Agbo Oga
Former PDP Benue Chairman,Chief Mike Iduma
Former PDP Benue Chairman,Major Lawrence Ugbo, rtd
Former member of the Benue State Executive Council, Barrister Peter Ochijele

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There are many more not mentioned. who destroyed Nigeria really?

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commissioner (EFCC) has not acted differently in this regard as those who have been haunted by the new renewed fight against graft are the PDPs while the old PDP members now in APC are enjoying excess freedom.

If there are names not mentioned here, add it on the comment box below.

  1. Emem Murphy says

    Jonathan is far better than bro buhari

  2. Itoro Reuben says

    Apc one yr is killing people, the need by all mean, that was why boko h and herdmen come in.

  3. Kingsley Israel C says

    Even buhari dat says he is fighting coruption how did he run PTF when he was de chirman?they are all desame people

  4. Alhaji Ismail Smith says

    Okonta God bless u

  5. Khalid Salihu Azare says


  6. Daniels Obala Augustine says


  7. Moses Aremu says

    If a conglomerates and groups of looters stayed in power for good 16+ year and runs down everything PDP is a destroyer

  8. Nadis Nwaeze says


  9. Yahaya Sadiq says

    Hmmm I say it before, people don’t understand me you can change cloth you can not change character or behavior, the reason is that the same people in PDP r in APC hw corruption fight corruption, this is a big joke to Nigeria

  10. Mercy Ishaku says

    I think corruption cannt fight corruption, lets just be frank

  11. Chinyere Achinonu says


  12. Thomas Glory says

    Hope Amaechi nd other expensive thieves in pdp are nt now in apc? If dey are nt dere, den i wl say pdp , but if dey stil d new wine in d old bottles, dat means, #APC destroy since day1

  13. Chris Bridge says

    PDP destroyed Nigerian for 16 years while the northern people destroyed Her over for 30 years. The northerners are the sole reason we are suffering in this country. Even Niger state that has produced 2 military rulers is the poorest state in the country. They couldn’t even use their over 30 years of rulership to uplift Aminu Kano talakawas.

  14. Paul Okoshang says


  15. Daniel Nwaobia Success says

    PDP people are APc people who desire to rule with simple w.A.E.C. I seeee

  16. Brian Ryan says

    16years of PDP is far better than 1year of APC. Likewise 1year of APC destroction is wost than 16years of PDP destroction.

  17. Chukwudi Bright Chimex says

    This question is so simple. we all,even our unborn generation,through the history of this nation, are aware that APC’s are responsible for our country’s predicament.it’s just a simple mathematics and it goes like; (1) Who r APC’s?, (2) Who r PDP’s?.Solution ,1= PDP’s-APC’s =true federalism n democracy(PDP’s)@ equation1. 2= APC’s-PDP’s=fake,deception n one chance(APC’s)@ equation2.therefore by substitution method =APC’s defected from PDP to blame innocent PDP’s…….. fuck the questionnaire! fuck APC’s, they r all members of PDP’s.Therefore APC’s is to be blamed

  18. Ademakin Moruf Oluwatoyin says

    If sincerely will are fighting corruption , then the passed regimes right from 1960 till date must be investigated not this one sided of a thing.

  19. Evelyn Ebele Ozojiofor says

    my question is who are d APC members?? d same idiots who left PDP to form a useless party

  20. Caleb Chimankpam says

    For PdPs, currently in Association of Past Criminals “APC”.

  21. Malisa Melissa Amanda says


  22. Albert Abulu says

    Can you work out this quickly? 35/16 +1 =

  23. Samuel Godwin says

    Both party destroy the country for 16yrs bicos 85% members of apc were in pdp. Hausas and yorubas destroy the country since 1960. Blame gej for 6yrs. Apc has burried the country in the past 1yr. I pity nigeria

  24. Awonbiowo Tayo says

    Looting party PDP

  25. Irene Idahosa says

    Is pdp

  26. Chibuzo Igwe says

    Stop looking 4 the destroyers’every one knows that it is the northern leaders

  27. Ugochukwu Okotah says

    May God help us all

  28. Amos Tanko says


  29. Nneka M Umeh says

    No blame to any body, pls all we need is God’s intervention in Nigeria. Tomorrow is pregnant.

  30. Ahmed M Mari says

    infact Nigeria was in the hand of looters,thives and destroyers in the past 16 years.The worst was in the last four years.That is the true part of it.

  31. Ibrahim Isah Momoh says

    pdp ole

  32. Hoomsuk Joseph Ahmadu says

    Politicians are all responsible for the large part of our problems as a nation. While the rest of us make foolish contibutions to destroy it too.

  33. Godwin Ekemezie Nwakwue says

    Same set of politicians now operating under d new name–APC

  34. Adeleke Adewumi Johnson says

    those who destroyed nigeria for 16 yrs under pdp are the one who are top members of apc today e g amechi ngige audu ogbe etc

  35. Hamid Nallah Hamid Nallah says


  36. Ugo David says

    A p c

  37. Kelvins John says

    As for me PDP has managed to keep this county together before the coming of APC, PDP has been trying its best to make this country work if not because of the saboteurs among them that keeps sabotaging their efforts, APC within a minimum of one year has destroy the country imaging wat will happen if they re given the chance to rule for eight yrs, the country will become Somalia

  38. Ejim Smith says


  39. Adoga Mathew says

    The hardshp Nigerians r facing in ds administration is uncall for, after all d campaign promises. This shows insincerity. Well 2019 is fast approaching. We wl meet at d poolin booth.

  40. Ngozi Gladys Okereafor says


  41. Abai Endurance says

    Pdp dis, pdp dat, d fones most of us ar using 2day cums frm pdp govt, rome was nt build in a day, cn apc boost of anytin in d last 1yr no, i believe in time d future is bright if our leaders cn jst sit up rite nd do tins for our benefit nt theirs.

  42. Paul Okechukwu says

    De poster of this must mad.

  43. Raphael Ashefor says

    Another clueless post by the failed election demented. What is wrong in the same or similar dramatis personae featuring in two plays or genres? If Atiku, Saraki and/or Amaechi play prominent roles in Julius Caesar at one time and are again given new roles in Kongi’s Harvest, does that mean the two plays are the same? An actor can be a “bad man” in one film and act as a saint in another. In all climes parties effect change with the citizens available using a better logic, philosophy and manifesto. Do you expect APC to import politicians from Switzerland to rule Nigeria? What really matters is the effectiveness and efficiency of the party hierarchy. PDP was immoral and profligate while APC is about integrity, prudence and accountability. For the same reason football clubs change coaches and the fortunes of the clubs change even though the players remain unchanged. Please learn and stop crying over spilt milk. You lost. Period.

  44. Abubakar Baba Blow says


  45. James Robert says

    So after one-year, the Apc is looking who to blame for their fake change!

  46. James Robert says

    So after one-year, the Apc is looking who to blame for their fake change!

  47. Prince Adebambo Kazeem says

    I think we need to give kudos to the person that spent 16years to hold Nigeria compare to someone who destroy Nigeria totally within a year .
    Read this analogy, mr A has two sons, he gave both of them equal amount of money to invest.
    The 1st child invested for 16years with steady growth to the extend that he was known throughout the world that his business was first to reckon with. However, the 2nd child invested for 1year and the whole business crumpled. Please, tell me who invested wisely ?

  48. Prince Adebambo Kazeem says

    I think we need to give kudos to the person that spent 16years to hold Nigeria compare to someone who destroy Nigeria totally within a year .
    Read this analogy, mr A has two sons, he gave both of them equal amount of money to invest.
    The 1st child invested for 16years with steady growth to the extend that he was known throughout the world that his business was first to reckon with. However, the 2nd child invested for 1year and the whole business crumpled. Please, tell me who invested wisely ?

  49. Opeke Uchenna Clinton says

    E concern me? Aparthy!

  50. Opeke Uchenna Clinton says

    E concern me? Aparthy!

  51. Essien Dominic says

    16 years of PDP is better APC things 2 cos rice tomato an petrol

  52. Essien Dominic says

    16 years of PDP is better APC things 2 cos rice tomato an petrol

  53. Afam Ugochukwu King Samuel says

    Ibb is de best. Chop and chop

  54. Afam Ugochukwu King Samuel says

    Ibb is de best. Chop and chop

  55. Obasi Treasure says


  56. Obasi Treasure says


  57. Poverty Development Party

  58. Poverty Development Party

  59. Akwu Destiny says

    Pdp fools kip wailling.

  60. Akwu Destiny says

    Pdp fools kip wailling.

  61. Olaniyan Lawrence says

    For d past 1 yr APC distry nija

  62. Ejigbo Okai says


  63. Samuel Babatunde says

    O Lord, Let Your Kingdom come. Let Your will be done in Nigeria.

  64. Ogunribido Micheal says

    Both! APC comes to destroyed it more with their just concluded one year of governance. I pray that it will not destroyed more than this.

  65. Unuke Bishop says

    With what I’m seeing today in this country.Its clear that apc did because,with the curruption in power during pdp ruling things were far better than today, apc puting blame on pdp is to cover up their lapses.Those who were troubling pdp are the same people in apc.

  66. Godpower Henry says

    Two party chairmen in 2dys. PDP wat goes around comes around, make una sry ooo

  67. Ibzan Iliya says

    nonsense! U should of thougth of all dis b4 ur socalled change…. God will never forsake us!

  68. Goodnews Nwiaka says

    Iam weeping, crying and praying for Nigeria cos if something is not done swiftly, i percieve disintergration in the nearest future!

  69. Pius Adeyemi says

    Deceivers. The same set of people that destroyed our economy are now in power crying fowl of the past

  70. Ogbugo Salvation Chukwudinim says

    Was nigeria ever good before 1999? What are they saying? Only 16yrs of Pdp is d only time corruption entered nigeria? The warst party ever in Nigeria is APC. Turn it up side down the truth still stand. APC is still the most corrupt party because a corrupt leader with corrupt fellows cannot win Corruption.

  71. ImmaKulate Somtoo Anyaeji says

    its clearly Apc

  72. Ebere Okpala says

    PDP is APC, APC is PDP, the same saints who are presently in APC were the destructive elements ( rouges) in PDP who stole us blind, plundered the wealth of this nation and plunged majority of Nigerians into abject poverty. Self centred political harlots because they have taken their harlotry tọ the prince charming of the moment (APC) they are now sinless and alot of us are hailling them. Pls the same people that brought us where we are today are still the same people in power they only changed name, so PDP/APC DESTROYED THE ECONOMY

  73. Benson Adautin says

    The North destroyed Nigeria for 40 long wasted years through military dictatorship. OBJ inclusive with a wooping destroyed power of 8 of pdp 16 years. Apc have the most fastest destroying power, bringing an draging Nigeria an d economy on d kneel and mud within 1 year and 17 days, 7 hours an 34 minutes. Blame North and apc… Less on pdp.

  74. Alex Ekpenyong says

    1yrz that APC took over nigeria everything went down hardship [email protected] pity does that are living in north

  75. Goddy Aya says


  76. Ubon Eyo says


  77. Ayodele Sunday Solomon says

    Not party cos party is a garment, and those dat wear d garment are people who destroyed d country

  78. Ayodele Sunday Solomon says

    Not party cos party is a garment, and those dat wear d garment are people who destroyed d country

  79. Ayodele Sunday Solomon says

    Not party cos party is a garment, and those dat wear d garment are people who destroyed d country

  80. Patrick Obi says

    Ac people stop blaming any body ur people ar fake

  81. Agahiu D Akowe says

    Is too early compare apc wt pdp

  82. Etsu Umar Jima says


  83. Falayi Babatope says

    It not possible to seperate the pdp and apc because they are interwoven. The are like insects or other organisms that metemorphosised. The same people (party) only changing names.

  84. Ubale Baita says

    na them the the make mauth baba buhari do this ad that the 4get their hwork.

  85. Philip Effanga says

    Keep crying

  86. Philip Effanga says

    Keep crying

  87. Al-mustepha Adam says

    For me Der dsome part but Der just change name, GOD will save us 4rm the wick once.(ameen)

  88. Al-mustepha Adam says

    For me Der dsome part but Der just change name, GOD will save us 4rm the wick once.(ameen)

  89. Abdullahi Shehu says

    P D P

  90. Abdullahi Shehu says

    P D P

  91. Owolabi Afeez says

    Yes ooo+ibb and other

  92. Destiny Nkemjika G says

    We will continue to Blame Association of Past Criminals…APC

  93. Abimbola Dare Dabonyan says

    It’s people in PDP and after destroyed the name all of them are in APC now.

  94. Joe Andthen says


  95. Nazifi Aliyu says

    PDP Moronics party, destroyed nija.

  96. Fola Akinyemi says

    Stop the blame game. After a year of APC in the saddle, people shd begin to c the change it promised. Rather, things are getting tougher by the day. Pls, settle down and do the needful.

  97. Augustine Eze says

    tell dem

  98. Kefas Yohanna says

    The people that brought accusing to POP are thesame people that destroy it also are members of APC.

  99. Edet Ibia says

    Stop this blaming game we need food on our tables.

  100. Olaniyi Olayemi says


  101. Patricknwoye Dunga says

    Not pdp d prmb we have in naij are north and west

  102. Ene Ada Anthony says


  103. Kingsley Yempiabining says


  104. Kelvin Dienye says

    Badly corrupt men are more in apc but buhari disability has given them coverage

  105. Peter O Obijuru says


  106. Ejeh Jeremiah Adeyi says

    B4 u knw dat Nigeria is destroyed by any political partys then u hv to look at hw many years Is Nigeria as a country, Nigeria is more than 100years of xistin is the 16years dat destroyed Nigeria? Secondly b4 democracy came to stay in 1999 did Nigeria as a country ws in a conditions? lastly wht’s the diffrence b/w PDP & APC the logo or the people if u keep a botle of fanta & put cook inside can u call it fanta? Meaning 75% of APC members are frm PDP for me Nigeria is destroyed by Nigerians bein a member of any political party is nt the issues but to do the right things for the country

  107. Daniel Anenga says

    Dat is either pdp or apc that has destroyed Nigeria, is a mere collaborative manipulation by the two parties/ Nigerian leadership/ government.

  108. Darlington Maduneme says

    Nigeria Vs British amalgamation contract has ended, one Nigeria have expired (1914-2014=100yrs). Every nations(British, Ariwa, Oduduwa, Biafra) should go their way and build ur nation. Do not depend on others and do not possess other peoples’ possession bcos covertousness is a sin. GOD BLESS U ALL.

  109. Amodu Seidu says

    Sorry sir,re u nt once a PDP mentor.wot hv u don for d gud ppl of idah [email protected] DB

  110. Tansinda Christian says

    1999 constitution resulted 2 present day hardship. U ar the sum total of al u hv been thinking

  111. Prince Ephraim says

    Dasanbo majekira pls stop covering ur like a thief, ur so called religion has blindfolded u now u reason like a FOOL. And let me tell u prophet Mohamed is Jesus but just an oracle ok.

  112. Wakili Mohammed says

    We are ware you know us the is the leaders

  113. Comradeobinna Ojimadu says

    Pdp that is now APC

  114. Aloh Innocent says


  115. Olamide Ojelade says

    PDP of course

  116. Jackson Edekin says

    Nigeria was not destroy by PDP party but by some corrupt individual in the party… And until this corrupt individual leave APC then nothing new to expect.. Still the same old story

  117. Ogodazi Ogor Johnkester says

    All did.

  118. Francis Onuoha says

    The Military that took over power from the first elected government till 1990 when there was civilian government destroyed Nigeria and spread this corruption virus

  119. Ogunlade Solomon says


  120. Chuks Uba says

    Apc in just twincle of an eye

  121. Olarenwaju Bukola says

    Northern Military Head Of State Destroyed Nigeria Not Political Party.

  122. Auta Douglas says

    Change of name does not change character.

  123. Auwal Kida says

    @Ezeugwu Anayo,before the emergence of the PDP our economic sector were stable, there were constant electricity, good roads, good health care delivery system,security,water.All these social amenities were functioning very well

  124. Dansabo Majekira says

    Na biafra people who kill this country bcos of there tribal sentiment.

    1. Ogueri Nnamdi Wazy says

      I command thunder from above to destroy u now for saying such.

    2. Richard Nwali says

      Sorry, do you mean Boko Haram or herdsmen?

  125. Aliyu Ibrahim says

    Ogan ni pdp

  126. Akinyemi Kemi says

    Just one year APC have destroyed our nation more than d 16 years of PDP , and those destroyers are in APC now claiming saints and holy

  127. Christiana Enyeneuno says


  128. Buhari Ronaldo Abubakar says


  129. Muhammad Aliyu Gidado says


  130. Tonny Segibo says

    Not abt 16 yearz ago, we talk of 2day, so stop decieving ur self.

  131. Emmanuel James says

    d present apc distroy nigeria in 16yrs,becus d present apc were pdp before,so it is apc not pdp.

  132. Chukwudi Anieze says

    The same people,same blood..same set of wicked politicians

  133. Sunday Ayantola says

    A P C

  134. Chomi Ukeje says

    Y ist only people 4rm PDP dt Nigeria President used 2 probe? What abt APC?

  135. Chomi Ukeje says

    All d people in APC ar dos dt ran out of PDP yet dey want 2 claim innocent party. Even d PDP hv human sympathy more dan odr party’s.

  136. Uzo Mark says

    Who re dose dat made up PDP [email protected]?

  137. Chijioke Uche says


  138. Godwin Ukule says

    One thing that most of you don’t know which is PDP is a single party while APC is a combination of three parties, so since from the beginning of PDP in the office these three parties started planning how the will damage his image that’s why during that time of PDP in office they are the most people to push Nigeria backward because they know where they belong. Take note APC spoil Nigeria is not today but they finally get the chance now just take a look of a single year in the office.

    Still hope for PDP, because with their corruption things were better than No corruption things are worst.

  139. Yusuf Mubrak says

    P d p

  140. Philippa Otu says

    Their manifesto is to aportion blames till their tenure will end without achieving anything.

  141. Sunday Dasetson says

    Mr anayo what has pdp has to do with north, and where did north distroy nigeria. Be mindful of words that are coming out of your mouth guy.

  142. Akintola Daniel says

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      Give me a run down of you services via [email protected] and lets see if we work closely together

    2. Akintola Daniel says


  143. Phebian Ojedokun says

    Thank u o is it the apc that are not corpt well nigria has been sold out to the devil it the devil that is controling our nation God save us from them

  144. Adefowope Adebanjo Kazym says

    Na Both of dem

  145. Ate Festus says

    PDP 100%

  146. Esther Mathew says


  147. Kenny Egbuji says

    The started in 1999 as AD APP AC ANPP ACN CPC and culminated into APC (All Past Criminals) in 2015. What a record seven times change of names! Was that a normal thing?

  148. Aiyamekhue Fidelis Apuham says

    Becouse is same people it is PDP people dat decamp to APC dey are same people

  149. Aiyamekhue Fidelis Apuham says


  150. King Victor says

    May we Discuss the present now? Is APC rulling the country Democratically? Or due the Agendas?

  151. FearGod Davies Sunday says


  152. MO Gborowa says

    Dont blamed PDP when pdp Government was on board every body has food to eat. Since APC came in nothing is working, therefore blame APC.

  153. Osmond Nwanze says

    Ukochukwu na the same people,converting from Pdp to Apc is the same thing

  154. Stephen Onuoja Odaudu says

    Dats true.

  155. Degolo Doma says


  156. Samuel Okon says

    D hypocrites doesn’t see d shamble d northerns put dis country into 4 gud 40yrs, rather they ar lamenting on d issues of 16yrs ago, fools

  157. Imo Johnny says

    All of us

  158. King Onoriode says


  159. Sunday Onuson says

    In this kind of situation we re now assuming we in d situation for 16yrs wil anybody survived it???

  160. Ekene Igwe says

    PDP >people deceiving people APC >association of past criminal

  161. Kolawole Oluwadamilola says

    Na dem sir b.

  162. Samuel Olomu says

    PDP419 APC419

  163. Charity Ayuba says


  164. Egbonfemo Datishanboy says

    Make una forget dz blame shift abi na passing d bulk…lets work 2geda 2 make naija beta…

  165. Eze Kelechi says

    Pdp an apc

  166. Robert Ita says

    Both of them played the same rules. Many of them run from Apc to Pdp in other to hides their shame from Efcc, there are the same people, the same faces u see in Pdp some years back, there are still the same people u see in Apc. Not dat as they are running from one party to the other their mind has change o, no. it’s the same mind dat they carried to any political party. Dat corrupt and evil mind is stil going around wit them, the only thin dat they change is the party.

  167. Nicholas Nchekwube says

    What’s d difference between apc and pdp..d same pple bt a slight change of name

  168. Christian Ogbonna says


  169. Lateef Metta Metta Amoda says


  170. Ifeoma Ubah says

    Pdp destroyed Nigeria

  171. Lightman Franklin says

    Old wines in new bottle

  172. Frank Gowin says


  173. Itoro Reuben says

    I am not pdp or apc but buhari is the one. May God help Nigeria. In Jesus name. Amen

  174. Ubani-Wokoma Amaechi says

    APC is fantastically corrupt… ALL PAST CRIMINAL, is a new associates

  175. Collins Obiajulu Onyeakagbu says

    The picture here stated it clear,it depicts how the disgruntled elements who felt there selfish interest could nolonger be protected in pdp traced their steps to apc and echo song worst than pdp.

  176. Abdullahi Shehu says


  177. Chataimada Jesse says

    Anayo my broda u are 100% correct our northern leaders destroy our dear country evn b4 d independent.

  178. Ibe Paulinus says

    is APC

  179. Nimkur Yaktim says

    But at list we eat that tim what abut now

  180. Ajani Tope says

    APC are the PDP soo both.

  181. Ogunrinola Abolade says

    All omo yibo ( Yanminrin , ajokuta mamumin ) should keep their dirty mouth shot if only they don’t know what comment about the two parties , they all know the truth but always scarered of saying the truth because they can never see anything good out of Buhari , just because President Muhammadu Buhari does not give Igbo people free hand to sell the whole Nigeria ……….Onyinochi .

  182. Lusondavis Danis says

    An igbo man wil never just get it right even if the so called biafra nation would be colonize. The only unity an igbo man embrace to the fullest is greed n self agrandizment. They don’t even love themselve for real.

    1. Apostle Moses Onwe says

      How does Igbo man come into this here? Sometimes people like u uses their mouth destroy themselves. Watch what u say u may not know who u are refaring to.

    2. Lusondavis Danis says

      Who the fuck is this? Kip dat shit to urself

    3. Lusondavis Danis says

      Who the fuck is this? Kip dat shit to urself

    4. Lusondavis Danis says

      Who the fuck is this? Kip dat shit to urself

    5. Lusondavis Danis says

      Who the fuck is this? Kip dat shit to urself

    6. Lusondavis Danis says

      Who the fuck is this? Kip dat shit to urself

    7. Lusondavis Danis says

      Who the fuck is this? Kip dat shit to urself

    8. Oforma Ngwu says

      Nnamdi kanu destroyed the zoo called nigeria with the trueth within 1 year.

    9. Esomeke Josephine says

      Dis tin called common sense is nt dat common,2 sum pple is quite expensive.dat hate u wrote dia wht has it got 2 do wit a simple question dat ws asked?

    10. Esomeke Josephine says

      Dis tin called common sense is nt dat common,2 sum pple is quite expensive.dat hate u wrote dia wht has it got 2 do wit a simple question dat ws asked?

    11. Esomeke Josephine says

      @ danis!

    12. Esomeke Josephine says

      @ danis!

    13. Samuel Godwin says

      Out of point. He is insane.

    14. Lusondavis Danis says

      I did not demand any question 4rm u pple n u dat idiot referrin me insane u must be an asshole.

    15. Chukwudi Ebenezer says

      Luso or what…by ur comments…u made me believe…ur still baby…n u need re orientation..

    16. Clifford Daniel says

      If your problem is Igbo man then you are a death man without brain

    17. Lusondavis Danis says

      Some idiots can’t just get it. Nigeria is no more of shit like dat damn so called biafra nation of scammers. Kip dreaming criminals.

    18. Lusondavis Danis says

      Asshole talking abt Orientation meanwhile ur damn self lack orientation why not orientate urself first and then proceed to ur village #idiot

  183. Whatever.

  184. Abanyam Maria says


  185. Immaculate Osimach says

    If pdp is to blame then i ask nigerians. Is nigeria 16yrs old? Who are the pdp and who are apc? Pdp ruled for 16yrs. Obasanjo the god of apc Used 8yrs what did He achieve? Yaradua Used 2yrs tell me who is to blame? Apc is a name of a political party why the members in it are former pdp members. So i can boldly say apc destroyed nigeria for 16yrs.

  186. Vincent Atumah says

    Both,..those who were in the PDP are now in the APC ,and they have now extended the demage to 17 years,..APC and the PDP are like crocodiles and Alligators.

  187. Ndukuba Ogechi Elijah says

    Is apc

  188. Ogbodo Jude says

    Amaechi served as a governor in pdp 4 8yrs nw he hold one of d most crucial portfolio and is crying pdp spoil d country, tambuwal servd as a speaker 4 8 yrs. Saraki servd as a governor 4 8yrs, el rufai served as minister nw governor, atiku was vice president 4 8yrs, obj was president 4 8yrs, all nw in apc. Who actualy were those pdp that destroyd nigeria?

    1. Omosebi Adedayo Dayo says

      U are right

    2. Eric Justice says

      Abeg tell them

    3. Marian Joy Romah says

      well said my broda

  189. Peter Rowland Chymo says


  190. James Albert says

    Pls don,t mention pdp or apc names here simply mention the names of those criminals whose are alive and whose aren,t alive, i think if nigeria would have divide both the countries would stay in good condition bcus the three main languages we have they doesn,t take nonsense from any of their brother who,s ruling them.

  191. McCartney Obrotu says

    Who would you blame for Delta State infrastructural Deficit inspite of the huge funds receipts from the Federation Account since 1990 to date?

  192. Anthonia Vivian says

    PDP and APC are the same people so in the case of nigeria both party destroy it let us forget APC blame game

  193. Olona Ademola Moshood says

    People in politics.

  194. Godfrey Ogwu says

    June 12 destroyed Nigeria!!!

  195. Beston Chijioke says

    who are pdp and who are apc they same peope ruling us

  196. Obi Enuka says

    EVERY politician b4 PMB took over the reign of power is culpable

  197. Assurance Saweigha says

    The military reigen by northerners.

    1. Aminu Namadina says

      Regime you mean? So only NORTHERNERS, were in the Armed(Military) forces from the time of Ironsi, Nzegwu, Okafor, Ojukwu et al?

    2. Assurance Saweigha says

      And who?

  198. Hannatu James says

    Agree dear

  199. Anuchirim Shedrack says

    We don’t need anybody to tell us that PDP who ruled Nigeria for 16years without any opposition and achieved nothing is the main cause of our problem. But, the main issue being the problem of ‘Cross Carpeting’. The former dubious, wicked, corrupt and heartless PDP Members who achieved nothing were the same people who formed APC. Likewise the way the ruled us when they were in PDP,they still have nothing good to offer.
    Base on the foregoing, I suggest that our main problem is our Leaders and their corrupt behavioural conducts; Corruption in all places, religious unrest, political instability, kidnapping, armed robbery, insurgence, cultism, high rate of inflation, decline in economic growth, etc.
    The fact remains that our Politicians/leaders are despicable fellows, but, we the citizens/followers should endeavour to fulfill our duties and obligations towards the restoration of our dignity and for a brighter future.

  200. Godshare Ahamefula Nwaobasi says

    The parties are not not corrupt but the people in the parties are fantasticaly corrupted

  201. Zubairu Tetengi Shabafu says


  202. Bamigbopa Adewale says

    Even with this trillions recoverd only a mad one will still be askin us who destroy nigeria

  203. Ekeze Chukwujekwu says


  204. Jegbes Andre says

    The foundation of Nigeria was built on corruption,almagamated through corrupt system,sustain by corruption…therefore nobody can end it

    1. Lekan Afolami says

      U’ve hit d nail on d head,truly

  205. Madu Friday E says


  206. Ogbunji Onyeka John says

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  207. Edwin Igogo says

    Same butch of criminals,they only think of next elections 4gettin d next generations.

  208. Pachigo Goziema says

    The problem of Nigeria is not PDP or APC is north people go an check the history of Nigeria u will no how the problem of Nigeria started thank u?

  209. Success Emma Wilson says

    We are talking about who’s destroying Nigeria and u are talking about past. BUHARI is destroying Nigeria with his sick economic policy.

  210. Dele Samuel says

    One year of Apc suffering sir… More than 16years.. I think Apc was d destroyer

  211. Nwankwo Dede says


  212. Lordswill Sampson says

    everything begins in South South

  213. Ikechukwu Innocent Mgbeoji says

    Is 9ijeria 16year old?

  214. Dennis Efiong says

    For sixteen yrs PDP destroyed the nation abi,,,,,,,,now tell me,who in APC was not a member of PDP? The same ppl that destroyed this country are the once talking this trash,,,,,,,,may God help them…….

  215. Onyema Onyema says


  216. Na pdp no more no less

  217. Abu Ammar Kach T says

    That is correct

  218. Ebosele Harry says

    Transloading……. From people distroy people to all promise failed. Who good?

  219. Emeka Success says

    Apc have no plans at all, they are not organise, na d same pple from pdp form apc and force themselves into power so for me this is d worst gov For ov

  220. Alhaji Jubril Adeshina Hamza says

    Simple is PDP

  221. Nseobong Udoh says

    Corruption PDP or APC are buildings occupied by people . When you talk of party members , you can’t separate members of PDP from APC . Members of APC are avengers from PDP . So they are the same people from the same blood .

  222. Emmanuel Chukwu says

    Na pdp nwanne cos all the wahala

  223. Idemudia Joseph says

    Both joor

  224. Agbor Joseph says

    Corruption : originally trace it origin from the northern part of the country where the Leaders come from, second by the south west

  225. Chinedu Ibe says

    it continues to beat my imagination why people keep saying
    that Nigeria’s poor economy is as a result of PDP’s 16yrs
    bad administration as if Nigeria is 16 yrs old. if you will be
    honest since you were born, young till date has there been
    any time Nigeria’s can boast of good economy? hence series
    of songs has been sung like austerity measures, Nigeria
    go survive etc, what at best has happened in this country
    is a gradual increase in economic hardship, which became
    worse this time

  226. Alabo Fubara Allen Kalasuku says

    PDP and APC. They are the same, just deceiving themselves and fools who care to die for them

  227. Henry Dee Boss says

    Pdpigs of course no tnx 2 jonathan administration that lost $200m in Nigeria account,what a shame

  228. Momah Thankgod Amalachukwu says

    The same people entering another bus why not youths from another bus….look at them from fire to frying pan.

  229. Orodje J. A. Adogho says


  230. Koz Hemekah Catalan says

    pdp’s 16years killed nigeria we were in coma in intensive care unit(icu)we still had hope,but APC’s 1year buried nigeria..,

  231. Isah G Usman Kuta says

    With d comment i red it is clear dat 90% of nigerans from s. South are against leadership of North. You pple should accept d work of God. You can not change any thing all i know is dat Buhari is his best 2 muve Nigeria ahead .wawaye.

    1. Ayuka Julius says

      Baba stop being sentimental stand up and face the reality, this present administration is for the masses to suffer

      Baba stop being so sentimental stand up and face the reality, this present government are not for the masses

  232. Uzo Mark says

    D zoo is gone

  233. Babalola Emmanuel says

    Obasanjo,Atiku,Ameachi,El-Rufai, Saraki,Dogora,Baraje,Banabas Jimade,Segun Oni,Oyinlola,Bello Masari,and a lot of others spent 14 yrs out of d sixteen yrs.and they are now in APC so who are d PDP that has destroy d country.

  234. Joshua Mathew says


  235. Halidu Muhammed says


  236. Sonia Gbubemi Oweghoro says

    My fellow Negerians! The same old story. From 1960 now we’ve never had suficient power suply, good raod, and even water and these are the basic need of life. With all the wealth of this country nothing to show for it. Is only God that can turn this situation around! God bless Nigeria.

  237. Audu Abdulkarim says

    Do ur best and leave d rest 4God dats naija problem. Abu or wat do u say. Ekiti boyz Aasha ruwa Lafiya.

  238. Daniel Nwaobia Success says

    Yes ooooo they are one

  239. Adeniyi Ogunloye Ebenezer says

    For me,it is neither PDP nor APC,it is those greedy politicians that have ruined the country.These selfish politicians always come to power wt their self- centred policies that have no bearing on d lives of common man.In Nigeria today,we talk of corruption everywhere,at least 90 percent of those in govt are corrupt,as it is now there are 27 states out of 36 states that can nt pay their workers and none of those selfish governors deem it to resign

  240. Chinaza Augustine Nwankwo says


  241. Joel De Champion says

    There z no sentiment, it z APC northerners destroy Nigeria coz an uneducated lead can destroy d treasure of a country in a day.

  242. Oscar Obetta says


  243. Nimkur Yaktim says

    U ar just saayin this things hw mach is food now? Ask buhari and ask him too abut his movenment

  244. Jamaobi Rapheal says

    Injustice destroyed Nigeria.this country need restructuring. If Nigeria is practicing fiscal federalism

  245. Ekina Jonathan says

    Apc bcos dey destryed it in pdp and ran to form apc

  246. Olamide Okeseyin says


  247. Amonday Lawrence says

    Same people not did,Not Alpherbaths

  248. Egbaabon Kehinde Peter says


  249. I want to ask u who are the PDP and APC?

  250. Osalusi Femi says

    But during the period of PDP 16 years, no hardship like this. We should have allowed PDP to continue to avoid this unnecessary hardship.

    1. Anulika Okeke says

      Tru talk

  251. Una try make una no judge again ……. NDA is in action

  252. Ochui Daniel Jnr says

    Na d same ppl

  253. Reigner Alum says

    APC/PDP na the people

  254. Elijah Edeh says


  255. Dicta Isioma says

    Both, pdp is the mother of Apc

  256. Miller Orgwu says


  257. Akinyemi Dammy says


  258. Philip Ekeh says

    Who is APC & who is PDP? APC is just a conglomerate of PDP. who is deceiving who, both of them spoilt de country. Shame 2 Nigerian Politicians.

  259. They ar bird of d same firdar

  260. Agha Light Jeffrey says

    Pdp is what Nigeria ned at dis critical time and Apc is d worst party. Apc dnt have lay down role or plan 2 rule d country

  261. Esther Asanwana says


  262. Jibrin Abubakar says


  263. Obinna Amos says

    Military destroyed Nigeria, PDP roasted Nigeria, then APC is currently dividing her

  264. Mundi Sani says

    Is pdp ooo!!

  265. Anagba D. Ifeakachukwu says


  266. Obinna Amos says

    PDP destroyed Nigeria, But APC is dividing Nigeria that is truth

  267. Chuks Chukwunagolum says

    CHUKS I agree with u the same people ‘ukwa na api muru adighi ya

  268. Ediri Simon says

    Pls forget about apc, dpd or wat so ever. All politicians are hypocrites. Is all about do as i say and make more money. They can nt change

  269. Umeh Tochukwu Innocent says

    People are crying now cos they voted for the party and not the candidate,forgetten that the same people that left pdp formed Apc. Pls whats the different from calling someone thief and another “gentleman on the highway”

  270. Agunu Timothy says

    Pdp destroyd nigeria(in cot) and stil drifted 2 apc 2 completely accomplish d distruction done wat a pity pple ar mindful of parties nd nt d pple dat made up d parties 2 me pdp ar stil ruling nigeria.

  271. Edu Udousoro says

    The list of looters about to be published shall enlightened Nigerian on question…

  272. Shigo Ogbonna says

    True talk.

  273. John Nwankwo says

    How old are u to hv askd this Childish & sensless question? Nigeria was destroyd de very day de Northern military oficers sidelined order & heirachy in choosing Gowon as head of state. De pdp u now acused started wth nothing, frm de scratch to wat now subsist. Apc is not a political party even de blind cam atest to it. I stand to be corected, bt go back to history. Dnt be myopic ok.

    1. Hunter Olajide Ode says

      Hey, ds is nt fight bt sense, we call it common-sense bcos it is common-sensical, ds is a very gud questn to ask …wen u r comment u dnt nid to attack ppl personality, u dnt even av point to defend ur paper…..

  274. Richiehood Chinedum says

    Pdp is just a building same with apc so its people not party

  275. Ola-Dare Ebenezer says

    Corruption dated back to Nigerian post- independence. It was exacerbated by the abberational incursion of the military into our body polity, most especially Babangida regime. It was capped up with reckless abondon during Abacha mis- rule. The blame cannot be shifted whole-hog on 16year of PDP rulership alone. That is not to say that PDP didn’t loot. Their was unprecedented in the political annals of Nigeria. My prayer is that God should grant Buhari sound health and long life to rid off Nigeria of the endermic corruption that has permeated all facets of our national economy

    1. Augustine Dach David says

      Do u think buhari can do anything than religious sentiment

    2. Ola-Dare Ebenezer says

      Let’s wait and see

    3. Oforma Ngwu says

      Nnamdi kanu destroyed the zoo with the truth

    4. Kolawole Victor Aribo says

      Buhari himself is corrupt

    5. Peterson Nwachukwu says

      with all this corrupt politicians around him?

  276. Chuma Egboluche says

    Only cowards blame another for their failure.

  277. Chukwuma Ogazi says

    What is d diffrent between Apc and Pdp?every politician in nigeria is a product of pdp.only thing da can change nigeria is regional goverment

  278. Moses Ifeanyi Nweke says

    But why can’t they show us how pdp destroyed Nigeria for the past 16years,? Reviewer should review how pdp destroyed Nigeria for the past 16years!

  279. Uzuh Prosper says

    Apc oooooo…….

  280. Siyanbola Taiwo says


  281. Ihekwoaba Benjamin says

    BestOption ur guess is as good as mine.

  282. Joseph Akinfiro says

    Both parties because most PDP members deflected to APC

  283. Onyema Kamalu says

    na PDP my sis.

  284. Kamal Yahaya Kurmi Garga says

    I think after 4yrs of this present admin.they may be able 2 end curruption within the Aso rock alone,but i do nt c any step taking toward ending curruption in 9jeria.To me Buhari say things without knowing the actual meaning of it,4 instance he said,”i belong to everybody and i belong to no one” but the question is,did he toch any of his associate like Tinubu,Kwankwaso,Atiku,Fashola,Ameachi & d rest, if not then it shows that he belong to somany pple n that is, reverse is the case with regard to what he said.

    1. Augustine Dach David says

      Gud coment

    2. Ini Obong Udosen says

      Na only wey frm north don talk beat tin for here

    3. Ogbu Chukwuma Michael says

      U ‘re a good man

  285. Mercy Onuotu says

    Bot patries…same pple in PDP ar also pple in APC

  286. Simon Raymond Obinna says

    for me is not Party but region. the northerners destroyed Nigeria. PDP government nah who? 98% of Hausa,1.5% of Yoruba 0.5% of other region. Look at APC 98% of of hausa / Fulani herdsmen government.recently CNN released the list of corrupt nigerians nah OBJ top the list fellow by Hausa people. PDP or APC or CPC or ICPC or EFCC or Republican oo or Democrat oo nah Hausa man spoil naija. i laugh at ignorant youth of this country who don’t know the genesis of our people. was Nigeria a saint before the 4th republic? pls if you are ignorant of Nigerian history then do educate yourself on the religious, economic, political, social-cultural effects of FESTAC of 1977 in Nigéria. if you characterise a government corrupt by looting then was Gen. Sabi Abacha, IBB etc saints? was buhari a saint as a PTF chairman? if by indiscipline then what happened to MKO Abiola early 90s? pls read books and journals before commenting on issues like this.

  287. Christian Emeka says

    Na APC dried nigeria.

  288. Ekong Udoma says

    is pdp, advengers or……..

  289. Christian Chiadikobi says


  290. Nwoke Chinedu Emmanuel says

    It took pdp 16 years to destroy nigeria ..it took apc 1 year to do same…. #change

  291. Pat B Geoffrey says

    The Same pdp’s are the new apc nigeria is spoiled by nigerians

  292. Akinsola Akinbode says

    Blame neither PDP nor APC for this nation’s woes, heap your blame on those leader be it Hausa,ibo or yoruba that has one time or the other held position of authority.The corrupt elites that want to keep us enslaved use the divide & rule tactics are also part of our problem.Blame not your ibo,hausa or yoruba neighbour, blame the past leaders all.

  293. Vivian Ehigiamusoe says


  294. Darlynton Ogbonna says


  295. Olabode Anthony Ajayi says

    APC is shit and clueless! They have worsened nija ,s situation! They are good at blames and lies because they are fantastically corrupt!

  296. Lawrence Daniel says

    how was Nigeria until 1999 foolish people Pdp brought life and light to nigeria

  297. Ofor Liberty says

    Evry body no dat is apc

    1. Afolayan Ayo Justice says

      And problems rocking pdp now is also caused by apc right. Always think rationally. Pdp killed Nigeria

  298. Is the awusa parasite criminals ( APC)

    1. Anulika Okeke says

      Dis der name too much i dey hail

    2. Aminu Namadina says

      Debe, the name is Hausa, NOT awusa. Got it?

  299. Hajiya Jummai Hajiya Jummai says


  300. Prince Sunny says

    APC is responsible
    my reason been that the same maggots from pdp are the ones occupying apc.
    some of the people you see in pdp now are just new entrants who want to show off…

  301. Elisha Dachep Thomas says

    PDP distroy it for 16 years while APC distroy it in one year and they are still on the process

  302. Lawrence Echee says

    All these blames for pdp are stories, pdp is no longer in power, rather apc, let them come up with their good governance and master plan for change, afterall that was their song during campaign. Mehnn we dont need storie ooooo.

  303. Sani Abdulkarim says

    Achonam chuk i beleave what u say hundrad pasent

  304. Nwa Maazi says


  305. Okonkwo Osita says

    Obasanjo nt pdp

  306. Both party abeg cz it has being dsame pple who hv being jumping frm NPP to PDP to APC.
    Dffrnt party dsame ogoro old bear bear leaders

  307. Abdul Gashinbaki Toto says


  308. Abdullahi Yahaya says


  309. Bonaventure David says


    1. Ogueri Nnamdi Wazy says

      Association of past criminals,APC.

  310. Ikechukwu Agam says

    16yrs of destuction is better than 1yr of repare.

    1. Uchenna Basilia Oghaego says

      Very correct Ikechukwu

  311. Auwal Bature says

    IBB should be blame for everything that happened.

    1. Eze Samuel says

      Why shuold he be

  312. Achonam Chuks-okonta says

    Corruption will neva end….
    The same pdp criminals has run into apc…nd claim they are fighting against corruption…
    Obj we no for sure is fantasically corrupted left pdp for apc…nd his fighting corruption…
    How can corruption fight against corruption with memebership of corruption….
    Nigeria Corruption will always remain corruption….
    If only those corrupted leaders stop corrupting the corrupted
    country that have being swimming inside corruption.

    1. Itanda Chinedu says

      Thank u

    2. Achonam Chuks-okonta says

      Welcome sir

    3. Margaret Kemdi says

      A wonderful submission

    4. Achonam Chuks-okonta says

      Thank u ma

    5. Matthew Hardurahgbemi Samuel says

      Obj is not APC

    6. Matthew Hardurahgbemi Samuel says

      Obj is not apc

    7. Eze John Sunday says


    8. Okeychukwu Ani says

      That is all

    9. Mercy Gugu says

      Mathew obj is in which party,this is how u would have failed if it ws an exam

    10. Kingsley Ikoku says

      OBJ went to apc abi aspirin but was was not admitted, then he turn and begin to criticise apc.

    11. Achonam Chuks-okonta says

      So wich party obj dey?

    12. Stella Makieze Oboro says

      Good Analysis, I wonder how people miss this, Same men decamped, its not like APC was formed with new people, it was the same Pdp men that left for Apc, so how would that work? I’ve seen politicians decamping from parties like its a chair, you move from apc to pdp then back again, its stupid and goes to show that Politics is just a game.

    13. Williams S Bete says

      Mathew H Samuel u are not much political current in nigeria , who tell u that obasanjo is not an Apc members?

    14. Williams S Bete says

      Mathew H Samuel u are not much political current in nigeria , who tell u that obasanjo is not an Apc members?

    15. Williams S Bete says

      Mathew H Samuel u are not much political current in nigeria , who tell u that obasanjo is not an Apc members?

    16. Williams S Bete says

      Mathew H Samuel u are not much political current in nigeria , who tell u that obasanjo is not an Apc members?

    17. Williams S Bete says

      Mathew H Samuel u are not much political current in nigeria , who tell u that obasanjo is not an Apc members?

    18. Williams S Bete says

      Mathew H Samuel u are not much political current in nigeria , who tell u that obasanjo is not an Apc members?

    19. Sunday IG says

      Obj is a state manship he does not belong to any party he just like ibb.

    20. Martin Imhofuoya says

      Na wah o,grammer no easy.pls obj is not apc

    21. Gifted Precious says

      Plz if u want 2 lie gather d children in ur area @Chuks Okonta. Obj is never an Apc card carryin member d last time i check.

    22. Babawale Ridwan says

      If them catch u for sayin obj

  313. Muhammad Mustapha says


    1. Augustine Dach David says

      If not mumu hausa ppl no 1 will say pdp cos na same ppl frm pdp to apc changi dole

  314. Fred Edi says


    1. Dennis Efiong says

      Then they won’t be any APC members left because they are all from PDP.

  315. Davison Ukinebo says

    APC have for the past one year sink the slow but sailing boat call Nigeria.

  316. Adedotun Oshodi says

    It was d same pdp decamp 2 apc, now dey ar regreting d masess of apc, no ligth no food hw masess will pay his children school fee, dis our leaders ar sufering poor pple

  317. Oyeniyi Ilesanmi says


  318. David Nmanko says

    I don’t know why these beggars and shoe shiners will not keep mute for once or at least say the obvious truth. How was Nigeria before 1999? Who were the leaders from 1960 when Nigeria gained independence till 1999?

  319. Ogieva Samson says

    Nigeria is not destroyed except this present governmen want to do so by not doing the right thing, the masses are complaining of more hardship in this present government than in the past government.

  320. Okotie Omasan says

    Who is PDP and who is APC are dey not dsame pepo changing logo.just the fat dat the majority of them now is left out of the cage.let us face the fact they all destroy Nigeria.what we need is party changing spirit we need individual changing spirit to elevate Nigeria.i just want to make common sense.

  321. Justus Ebara says

    APC is PDP downloading.

  322. Udeme Ukpong says

    POLITICIANS..!!! Pdp or Apc is just a tag on their Agbada & they continued 2 tag along with any party they feel they can use 2 destroy Nigeria.

  323. Clement Oghenevwerhe says

    Apc is d problems of dis country today.becos 95% apc from pdp.

    1. Uju Ogbuadike says

      Na the same people.

  324. Pachigo Goziema says

    The problem in Nigeria is not POP is north people that use 40years distroyed Nigeria if isah usman kuta nos something as a human being he will not say that PDP distroyed i pray that north people can no something as a human an talk like human being

  325. James Pyal says

    Those who destroy the country for the pass 16years are those PDP members who defect to APC, so those who are still in PDP now are the good people and Nigerians should try and give them their mandate come 2019

    1. Olatunde Balogun says

      U ar big fool for dat ur comment wy ar u saying dat ? So or dos pple their thief ar money now their is not pdp ? Mabe u can bring ur borther 2 come and contest for d post not 2019 bring them now ? Useless animal

    2. James Pyal says

      U never come out from your mother vigina by birth, you were born through your mother Anus and suck your father penis as breast, yoruba will not be wise again, where is obasanjo before going to APC, you resemble ABOKI

    3. Uju Ebue says

      @ olatunde u re the most foolish here, coward

    4. James Pyal says

      Uju tell him more, i wonder why an able man make himself disable like olatunde

  326. Mohammed Musa says

    APC just a year it totally demolish.

    1. Godwin Ukule says

      Sir, APC is the combination of how many party?

  327. Governor Ese Gift says


  328. Lateef Metta Metta Amoda says

    Confirm in the ministry time, we are even living, good beter than this time,
    then petrol fuel 25naira in 19 90/91 ,,,is this DEMOCRACY or what
    allah accept our prayer.

  329. Amasa Adeyemi says


    1. Augustine Dach David says

      No 1 will say pdp if no mumu hausa’s and yoroba ppl that voted him

  330. Femi Abraham David says

    PMB ride on wit d change initiatives.gold ar not gotten on d surface of d earth and we strongly key in to ur programs and plans

  331. Babs Olaleye says

    Is dat a guestn.apc spoil nigeria

  332. Emem Inyang says

    Who are those dat destroy Nigeria in a month?

  333. Johnson Benjamin says

    Apc for just one year

  334. Iniobong Udoh says

    Nigeria is no destroyed only a bad workman quarrel with his tools.

  335. Jeffery Izogar Clement says

    Is nation calls nigeria 16 yrs old? if nt wat hapens 2 d remaining 40somtin northern leaders r worser dan useless.Nigeria nust b divide akuyas

  336. Abdulsalam TJuction says

    Non of d above all cames from Allah

  337. Etiyene Saturday says

    Who are the PDP and who are the APC are nt the same people

  338. Ifeanyi Ochonogor says

    You would have asked, who is destroying Nigeria Now. The major Looters are from the North whether PDP OR APC.

  339. Ezeugwu Anayo says

    If PDP will be blamed for the problems of Nigeria simply bcos they were on the helm of afair for 16 years, then! I boldly say that north should be blamed for destroying Nigeria for 40 years before PDP too over in 1990.

    1. Alkali Dogo says

      You people started hating north since early 1960 upto date so what have you achieve from it now?.

    2. Ezeugwu Anayo says

      Hating north? What brought the isue of hating the north here?. Ok! If u insist on what u said, i challenge u to bring ur proof!.

    3. Abdulkadir Abdullahi says

      You just have to be fair to all. Forget about your hate mania.

    4. Abdulkadir Abdullahi says

      You just have to be fair to all. Forget about your hate mania.

    5. Samuel Kappo says

      Alkali. An average Igbo man is naturaly a complainant, always blaming everybody around them. So, pls don’t borther urself. It is their minister. Have u noticed d way they dis days attack & insult all Yorubas & Fulani. They never blv in Nigeria. They attack south-south during d civil war. Blamed them for allowing fed troop to use their territory to penetrate them which contributed greatly to their defeat. They celebrated saro wiwa hanging. But today are clapping for d avengers, blaming Yoruba for wot I can’t understand, every northerner is now a fulani & cowish in behaviour. They are d wisest & most disadvantaged , according to them.

    6. Kingsley Chikeluba says

      Anayo u r right

    7. Margaret Kemdi says

      Simple truth

    8. Olabode Anthony Ajayi says

      Thumbs up for Anayo

    9. UD Amaechi says

      See why i”v Always insisted these northerners are brainless fools

    10. Abubakar Sadiq Idris says

      Simple question require a simple answer. Who ask you of whether the north or south or east? The question is who spoilt nija Apc or PDP haba! You go say na JAMB fail you.

    11. Ezeugwu Anayo says

      Abubakar, the northerners who have been rulling Nigeria for 40 years before the PDP are those who spoil Nigeria. Dn’t forget june 12.

    12. Joseph Amaugo says

      Sadiq ka manta da su.
      It is d politicians that spoilt Nigeria. My brother is inclusive. Some if us have never seen Jonathan, Obj, Buhari and others. I’ve never benefited from them
      I’ve been in d north for more than 30yrs and have never seen any difference in human capital development btw me and an Hausa man who have ruled for 40yrs. Their children r not begging but they encourage begging. They attend western education and discourage others.
      Public schools are dead while private schools are growing.
      Our oneness is at d instance of d politicians.

    13. Fahad Abdulhamid says

      So u mean northerner were the one ruling? U most be sick

    14. Ezeugwu Anayo says

      Fahad, yes! That’s what i mean. The north ruled Nigeria from 1970 till 1999. Who should be blamed for the problems of Nigeria? Pdp who ruled for only 16 years or the northerners who ruled for almost 40 years?.

    15. Ezeugwu Anayo says

      Infact, the north started rulling Nigeria from 1960.

    16. Lordswill Sampson says

      where was the first FTC, was it not in cross river South-South? leave north alone

    17. Ezeugwu Anayo says

      What do u mean FCT? If the FCT was firstly in calabar, what does that mean? Does it change the fact that the north ruled Nigeria for 40 year?. Who was rulling when the FCT Was in calabar?.

    18. Joseph Amaugo says

      Are northerners only d politicians in Nigeria? Are they d govs of all d States?
      I think u must be decurved for right thinking

    19. Fube Hyceinth says

      Wow, Nigerians a amazing people….. We can never relate to each other as brothers can we?

    20. Immaculate Osimach says

      Who ever is denying the fact that the north are not the ones destroying nigeria should take a look at what northeast has become and tell us if those who destroyed it are from jupiter, mars venus or pluto. The biggest threat of nigeria is north. Take it or leave it.

    21. Chinyere Eucharia says

      Why is it that all ehi ugwu that call themselves human beings never accept responsibilities for anytin.

    22. Tony Vince says

      And God said fear………..”NORTH”.if u doutb am,ask u.s.a

    23. Jane Chibuzo says

      Northerners is d worst thing dat ever happen 2 Nigeria.

    24. Sunday Dasetson says

      All of unna dey craze for head.

    25. Pat Ogechi says

      D problems in Nigeria are d northners.THE NORTH.

    26. Ismail Tunde says

      Lolz…d dull ones will u tell northerners have been ruling d country past years back—Millitary Regime—what hurts me is dat dey dont know d northeners rule over Coup and d first man to plan it was not a northerner but an southeast major…abeg…lolz

  340. Nkereuwem Idungafa says

    APC has made nonsense the economy of Nigeria for just one year! There is 300% increase in prices of items in the market. God have mercy on us, please

  341. Sunday Ibrahim Ramon says

    Tinubu use 8yrs, Fashola use 8yrs making 16yrs till yet no water and good roads

  342. Sadiq Zakariyau says

    You are talking of 16yrs distruction while apc is just 3yrs old,how can u compare them?

    1. Effiok Obot says

      Am sorry You dont have human brain sir,so obasanjo,tambawal,saraki,atiku,baraje,kwankwaso,umana umana,ita ennang,wamako,amechi,peterside,sylver,onyinola etc are one year in politics,the way you are going,ethnicity wil kil you

    2. Sadiq Zakariyau says

      Were they they in apc destroy nigeria? Is like ur memory is not up to a gig

  343. Amidu Akinade says


  344. Isah G Usman Kuta says

    How do pple rate Govt? Is it by how their pocket are ful thrugh corruption or what ? Haba mana Nigeria has been distroyed 4 over 16 years nd you think MB should fix it in just one year, what are we up to?

    1. Naija Center News says

      Did you read details?

    2. Ezeugwu Anayo says

      The north was on the throne for 40 years before Pdp 16 years. So! Blame the north not pdp.

    3. Mp Ahmadu says

      Agree wit u Anayo….. Most of d leaders in nigeria came 4rm d north what hav dey done??? Nting xo stp blaming pdp kk

    4. Ayuka Julius says

      Baba just reason well again bcs the damage APC did in this one year has covered the one PDP did in 16 Years

    5. Olabode Anthony Ajayi says

      APC has done nothing. Oh I forget, they have worsened Nigeria, s case because they are fantastically more corrupt! Lies and blames are their only achievement for one year!

    6. Olabode Anthony Ajayi says

      APC has made nija worse because they are fantastically corrupt! They are only good at blames and lies

    7. Augustine Dach David says

      Do u knw that buhari would never fix naija? He’s just trying 2 manipulate the christians if not y will talk about grazing lland that will over his dead body in jesus name

    8. David Paul says

      Everybody is blaming APC founded from were? ? Who is Apc who is PSP?

    9. Ifeanyi Okparaeke Anyimagic says

      Baba how can things ever be well with wolves in sheep skin… APC is of no diffrence 2PDP… I think we all need d dictionary 2help us define dt word ‘CHANGE’ cos d present APC r still dsame PDP criminals

    10. Nanzing Zingdam says

      who are d APC are they not d former destructive pdp people like kwakoso amechi audu ogbe atiku saraki elrufai nd other thieves 2 many 2 mention,kamu na zagin koko

    11. Nkechi Faustina says

      Abeg chance na doli we don’t want excuse

  345. Tha Golden Child says

    only a man whose thought process is lame wil limit d destruction to 16yrs d foundation of Nigeria has bin faulty since

  346. Davison Amicable says

    They are those ones buhari sees as saint in his cabinet,including him… They are still destroying it more and more.

  347. Solomon Ejiogu says


  348. Raymond Enoch says

    You guys are voting for this and that you have forgotten that it’s about ideological stand of those in power

  349. Ojukwu Chima says


  350. Valentine Onah says

    Only a year of APC in regime ve destroy 9ja more dan what PDP ve destroy in there 16 years in power

  351. Felicia Mnenga Gbaagileh says


  352. Paulinho Ocheme says


  353. Ephraim Chima says


  354. Usman Ahmad Tijjani Salai says


  355. Abdulsalam Momohjimoh says

    Capital PDP

  356. Amadi Chiagozie says


  357. Obi-Laptop Jos says


  358. Terrumun Ayua says


  359. Odoruyi Terry Evans says


  360. Louis Louis says

    APC lie lie people

  361. Isaac Adeyemi says


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