Oshiomhole Meets Buhari Behind Closed Door, Says APC Is Ready To Flag Off Campaign

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The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole held a closed-door meeting with the Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari on Friday at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Buhari and Oshiomhole
Buhari and Oshiomhole

Oshiomhole addressing the state house press said the party was ready to flag off the campaign ahead of 2019 general election.

The APC Chairman said the party will address the nation on where the country is coming from and also give an insight of the future of the nation.

“We are fully ready, we have done with our primaries and filled our nominations. As you know, INEC still has a window between now and First of January to deal with issues of substitution. As of campaigns, we are ready.

“We are going to announce the date and programme for our campaigns, and speak to the issues. My idea of kick off will be the day we will do our first presidential rally where Mr. President as our candidate and other candidates, party leaders will assemble in a venue that will be agreeable to all of us.

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“There will be two sets of messages. One, on what we have done in the past, without failing to remind people of where we were before, what we are going to do in the next three years, and a couple of things we believe we will be doing differently.” Oshiomhole said.

The former governor of Edo State continued that Buhari cannot be compared to aspirants from other political parties.

“Why we are a better choice? President Buhari if compared to the rest of the aspirants, there is no basis to compare day and night. The real issue in this election is not going to be religion. It is not going to be about political party, central to the issue and given our past experience as a country, we know that what makes a difference is the character, the issue of integrity of the candidates.

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“All those issues of character, especially looking at the past, the key candidates in the election are not strangers to governance, they are not even strangers to this villa, so we will be able to ask a couple of questions about what do they know now that they didn’t know then when they had power.

“This edition is going to be focusing on character, the integrity of those who want to govern us. In addition to what and how they will do things differently.” He stressed.

Speaking on the allegation by Senator Shehu Sani that he received bribes of up to $2million, Oshiomhole denied any involvement.

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He also said there was no crisis in Imo APC  governorship primaries, stating that it was a matter of win and loss which is expected.

He said, “What is the crisis? That somebody won and somebody lost and the person who lost said no, no, no, I am the son-in-law to the governor I can’t lose and therefore we have crisis. Go to Imo and find out, go to the markets, mechanic workshops or even the civil servants in Imo and ask how they think on the issue of son-in-law. Look at the crowd that received Senator Hope Uzodimma, it was a mixture of both a rejection of dynasty vis a vis the natural support base that Hope has.

Haven’t you seen on social media how the excited Imolites erected statue on Oshiomhole although the body is big.”

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