Okorocha Refuses To Recognize Madumere As Deputy Of Imo State

Okorocha Refuses To Recognize Madumere As Deputy Of Imo State

Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha and his Deputy governor, Eze Madumere, have lambasted each other over the recognition of who is the deputy governor of the state.


The drama started at a burial ceremony of the mother to Senator Osita Izunaso, Florence, at Ohuba in Oru west local government area in the state.

At that event, the governor reportedly refused to recognize Madumere as the Deputy Governor of the state but rather mentioned Calistus Ekenze, as deputy governor designate.

Peeved by the governor’s action Madumere has described such as “embarrassing display” by the governor and pleaded that Okorocha should be forgiven.

But Okorocha justified his action by saying that, “there is an existing appeal at the Appeal Court against the High Court Judgement that quashed the impeachment of Madumere by the State House of Assembly.”

Since this outing Okorocha and his deputy, have been at each others neck over who is right or wrong.

According to the release by Okorocha’s Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo, Monday to newsmen in Owerri “what Madumere referred to as “the embarrassing attitude” of the governor was his non-recognition by the governor as the Deputy Governor of the State during the governor’s speech at the burial service of the mother of Senator Izunaso last weekend.

“As a matter of fact, the failure or inability of the governor to recognize Madumere as the Deputy-Governor of the State at that event was not an oversight.

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“That was the proper thing to do because there is an existing appeal at the Appeal Court against the High Court Judgement that quashed the impeachment of Madumere by the State House of Assembly.

“So until the appeal is decided, Madumere remains impeached. And recognizing him as the Deputy-Governor of the State with the appeal pending would mean jeopardizing the appeal.

“He should have known this fact and if he had asked his lawyer, he would have told him that the governor acted rightly in the circumstance.

“Madumere declared war against his benefactor or mentor because he wanted to be governor, using the issue of zoning as his bet.

“Today, Madumere is not the governorship Candidate of any Political Party nor the deputy governorship Candidate. He has no option than to support Hope Uzodinma, the APC Candidate who is from Orlu zone.

“Those who had encouraged Madumere to fight the man who made him somebody, on the ground that they would make him governor have gone their ways and the Prince is not only on his own but now staggering, thinking about which leg to put forward first.

“It is left for the Public to ask Madumere why he is still keen in working with Governor Okorocha as his deputy after he had tried in vain to paint the same man black.

“To us, Madumere remains impeached as Deputy-Governor until the appeal against the Judgement of the High Court that is in his favour is decided.

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“He has acquired maggot infested firewood and by so doing has invited Agama Lizard to both breakfast, lunch and dinner. He does not have our sympathy again.”

Earlier, Madumere’s Chief Press Secretary, Uche Onwuchekwe, said: “During the funeral service of late Mama Florence Izunaso, the mother of Senator Osita Izunaso, which was a communion among Christians to pay the deserved respect to Senator Osita Izunaso’s lovely mother.

“But unfortunately it presented a regrettable show of shame where Governor Okorocha refused to recognise the incumbent Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere MFR but recognised his puppet, Mr Calistus Ekenze as Deputy Governor designate

“Predictably, this breach drew a lot of anger with the congregants booing and murmuring over Governor Okorocha’s ill-conceived action, bringing a solemn place of worship to a mere riotous and market-like place.

“The Deputy Governor never took offence over such unbecoming attitude of a supposed leader of enlightened good people of Imo State but was more worried about the damage and reproach such crass seeming uncivilised and recklessness could bring to the State.”

“Especially in an event that witnessed galaxy of leaders from all works of life, different parts of the country with their foreign counterparts present.

“The Governor’s breach of protocol and utter abuse to rule of law as indecorous and height of pettiness as it was embarrassing that such misdemeanor could play out in such a solemn event as funeral service in a solemn place of worship with clergy of high echelon as Bishops, eminent jurists, former Governor’s, Senators and civilised personalities all present.”

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It was Madumere’s stand that, “Senator Osita Izunaso and family to kindly find a place in their heart to forgive, disregard and discard such embarrassing moment, which should not ever have been premeditated by any man of conscience but to consider it an oversight on the part of Chief Okorocha who is not above such mistakes.

“It will be recalled that on September 25, 2018, a court of competent jurisdiction had nullified a purported Okorocha sponsored impeachment of Prince Eze Madumere as the Deputy Governor of Imo State and had also directed that all his emoluments and other entitlement, including privileges be restored.

“It is gratifying that till date, Chief Okorocha in his grandstanding has wilfully resolved not to obey the order of the court by blatantly refusing to restore every official privilege of the Deputy Governor save for access to his office.

“Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor has also commended Senator Izunaso for using his experience to wittingly correct Governor Okorocha’s condemnable approach in an issue that ought to have been maturely managed.”

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