Obaseki Is Not Working, Says Tony Kabaka

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  • says the governor has spent 3 years doing nothing.
  • why Obaseki is hunting members of EPM
  • My proper is not the only one marked.
  • Oshiomhole has lost control of the governor

Tony Adun, aka Kabaka, says the state governor, Godwin Obaseki should obey court order if he is a law-abiding citizen of Edo State.

“I think he should if he is a law-abiding citizen,” he said.

He expressed worry that the news in some quarter suggested that the injunction he took from the court was fake.

Godwin Obaseki
Godwin Obaseki

Kabaka said, “I am still hearing a rumour that the injunction I got is fake but it was signed and sealed. A copy was given to the Attorney general of the state.”

Speaking with NAIJA CENTER on Thursday, Kababa said he is not the only one under attack, but almost all leaders of the Edo Peoples Movement.

EPM was recently formed, comprising of all disgruntled members of the All Progressives Congress who felt neglected by the governor.

Tony Kabaka told our correspondent that Obaseki’s performance contributed to their stand to unseat him contrary to reports.

He also said even the National Chairman of the Party, Adams Oshiomhole who brought him to power has lost control of the governor.

“This is just about politics. It is because I am not supporting him. After everything we did for him, the door was shut but if he was doing the right thing, doing the good work and we are seeing it with our eyes, I think we would not have had a voice today but Obaseki is not doing anything, no good road constructed over three years now.

“So, we decided, well, this is not the kind of government we want to associate with, so he is haunting us now because we are not supporting him. The predecessor that brought him in cannot even talk to him, Oshiomhole is trying to protect him to make sure the party remain united.

“He is targetting everyone that is opposing him. My property is marked, Henry Idahagbon‘s property is marked, Osakpamwan Nomorelexx is marked, Patrick Obahiagbon’s property is marked, everyone who is not in support of his second term is under attack.”

The embattled former aide admitted that the situation could have been handled differently but lamented the poor performance of the current administration.

He said the unemployment in the state has led to a drastic increase in illegal migration.

“Yes, we could have, but we need the best in Edo State. If he was working, we would have grumbled then run back to him because of his work but he is not. This is not about politics and interest and what you want to get, it is about development. We brought him in; if he failed the blame comes to us, and if he succeeds we will also enjoy the praise too. So, we need the best, what we are seeing here is bad. Unemployment youths are going through Lybia and those that returned don’t have encouragement.”

Kabaka also said that everyone of them who formed the EPM had at a time, tried to reach out to the governor to address aggrieved members but he refused.

“Before the public attack, different people that make up EPM today approached him, telling him this is not the best way to carry everyone along but he didn’t listen. He said we are fighting him to share money, that is political blackmail.”


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