No evidence that Obasanjo is corrupt – Oby Ezekwesili insists

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Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili has defended her claim that there is no empirical evidence that former president, Olusegun Obasanjo is corrupt.

It will be recalled that Ezekwesili during an interview on Al Jazeera, said that there was no evidence of corruption in the former President’s regime despite reports to the contrary

“There was no way it could have been more corrupt that the government of Abacha. I am sorry,” she said speaking of Obasanjo’s regime, where she served as a Minister.

When asked about a Wikileaks report which quoted former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu as saying that everyone was a thief in Obasanjo’s government, Mrs Ezekwesili said:

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“The next person you should invite to your show should be Nuhu Ribadu. Its not about rejecting his views. I don’t have counter-factory evidence on the basis to reject it”

When asked about her opinion on how corrupt Obasanjo was, she said:
“Is that supposed to be a question on the basis of some factual thing that you are putting before me? My sense of President Obasanjo was that he gave me the freedom to define the work that I did that public procurement was more transparent than it used to be.”

She has taken to her Twitter page to defend her stance, insisting there is no empirical evidence that Obasanjo is corrupt.

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  1. Smith Elohor Agbodje says

    No evidence that the CHIBOK is in Nigeria, mademosel

  2. Sunny Usman says

    Looking for ministarial appointment .

  3. Michael Olu says

    The returned he made is it from is pockets . It is the part of money he embesument stop createing unnecessary defense

  4. Aliyu Mohammed Gunu says

    U talk too much. Are u d only 1 dat go 2 sch?

  5. Adeniyi Adewale says

    Shut up ur mouth, how would u be saying dis nonsense to a man dat always stand by his word.

  6. Evans Iluwa says

    If he is not corrupt then name one corrupt leader tha is is not affiliated to him. Obasanjo is a destroyer a selfish leader. He wants to rule forever at his age he suppose to have retire from politics because he is a crook he always want to get power by the hook. At first he was broght of prison by pdp to become in 1999, he was power for almost a decade he bided for third term which went out of his favor then he endorse sum1 he can use to achieve his selfish ambition but end putting d country in d right hand which he lamented for political sos by endorsing Goodluck again for years time told us that his political first son is corrupt because their is bridge of contract between him and Goodluck Jonathan his next plan is to destroy pdp for d favor of his opposition because during his days he condem buhari as been a tyrant that is incapable of leading the nation again. Obasanjo is a corrupt leader and his era has given birth to corrupt leaders.

  7. Ahmed Sadiq says

    I have always believed in Obasanjo

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