National Assembly Lockdown: Akpabio leads onslaught against PDP

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  • President Buhari is responsible for the coup
  • This is a coup, says Senator Urhoghide
  • DSS helps APC senators to unseat Saraki

Senator Godswill Akpabio resigned his position as the Senate Minority Leader on Tuesday and led an onslaught on his old colleagues in the Peoples Democratic Party at the National Assembly.

A Staff of the National Assembly disclosed to NAIJA CENTER NEWS that the former PDP Stewart was leading the APC Senators to unseat the Senate President, Bukola Saraki.

Godswill Akpabio with Buhari in London
Godswill Akpabio with Buhari in London

In his resignation letter sent to the Deputy Minority Leader, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, he said his resignation came into effect on August 4th.

“This letter is to formally inform you of my resignation as the Senate minority leader with effect from August 4, 2018.
“Let me thank the Senate minority leadership, our distinguished colleagues and our great party, the PDP for the opportunity to lead the caucus in the last three years.

“Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.”

Senator Akpabio had on Sunday met with President Muhammadu Buhari and on Monday consulted with All Progressive Congress National Leader, Bola Tinubu in Abuja where he allegedly assured the leaders that the APC lawmakers who defected to the PDP would regret their actions.

Speculation had it that Akpabio defected as he was blackmailed by the Presidency who has a file of his atrocity when he was the governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Barr. Friday Ojealaro who spoke with our correspondent on Tuesday said:”Somehow we were able to thwart their plans but they are still insisting that within 48 hours they will carry out their plans. This is Buhari’s handwork, they didn’t expect that almost 1/3 we have now are PDP members.

“When they made this plan, about 11 Senators used prior travelling plans as an excuse and left the country and the APC only discovered that they are just 29 members. The PDP Senators that came in now are about 23, so if the two of them clash now, they cannot impeach Saraki. When they realized it was not possible, so they tried to call Buhari.

“The Plan was that as soon as they carry out their plan, Buhari will quickly call them to broadcast congratulatory message to give legitimacy for their dubious act but unfortunately for them, they were not able to connect the man.

“The storm is not over because they are still insisting that they must achieve their plans. Can you imagine that Akpabio is one of the ringleaders that is trying to orchestrate this act this morning?

“The sovereignty of the people cannot be truncated. What happened this morning is a coup and those responsible should have been charged for the felony but since they do it with the assistance of the security agency, it is hard. ”

The PDP had earlier alleged Buhari plan to travel out of the country in order to have culpable deniability. The PDP also claimed that the President held a meeting with the Security Agencies to carry out the plan.

“It is clear. It is not the National Assembly that is under siege. It is Nigeria that is under siege and our President wants to appropriate absolute powers that will make him a maximum ruler of the country.” Ojealaro opined.

A Senator representing Edo South who talked to NAIJA CENTER NEWS on the issue said the President is trying to intimidate the Legislature after oppressing the Judiciary.

Urhoghide described the plan to unseat Saraki as shameful and a coup that must be condemned.

He said “the National Assembly was supposed to be an arm of government that is independent but the executive arms want to interfere with everything that is going on and check the leadership because they believe the leadership is not favourable disposed to them, particularly the Senate.

“The ruling party says they must bring us back from vacation so that they can change the leadership, so those of us that are in the majority said no, this is against the constitution.

“This morning, even when we are on vacation, we usually come to our offices to do other things, so they locked us out. The APC senators came to seat without the presence of the Senate President as contained in our constitution. Only the Senate President can convey the National Assembly in case of emergency.

“IT is not legal, it is a shameless act against parliamentary convention all over the world for a President to send his agents to interfere in what’s going on in the National Assembly under the guise that they want to consider the supplementary budget for the INEC.

They want to forcefully gain entrance under the cover of DSS and carry out their plans. It is a coup they planned and wanted to execute against the legislative arms of the government. We will resist them because there is the separation of power. They have muscled the Judiciary and they are trying to muscle the legislature.

“I urge them to allow the right thing to be done otherwise the consequence will be too great for the country.

“We are here in the lobby of our chambers waiting for them. how they are planning to carry out their plans, we will see.

“The President has a hand in this, there is a school of thought that he deliberately has a hand in this. His travel was for an alibi.”


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