My Attackers Want War – Oshiomhole Warns

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The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Adams Oshiomhole says his attackers and their sponsors are outnumbered.

Oshiomhole was reacting to the reported attack by hoodlum at his residence on Saturday evening.

Speaking with journalists after the attack, Oshiomhole said the sponsors of the attack want war.

Obaseki Makes Peace with Adams Oshiomhole
Obaseki Makes Peace with Adams Oshiomhole

He said they were ready to create a crisis in the state but they don’t have the required number to fight dirty.

The APC Chairman urged his aggrieved supporters to remain calm, and not to return “madness for madness.”

He said “In a moment like this, it is not madness for madness because many of you I see here, in 2007, you were already strong. During my second term in 2012, you were already strong; Even in 2016, some of you were already deployed as party agents.”

“These people want to create what has not happened for a very long time. They want war and want to cause a crisis. They are boasting that they want to crush and crush people. Go and buy a crushing machine.

“No man born of a woman can change what God has said. And if God says, no, who can say yes? My own is don’t let them drag you out of the bathroom like Igbo man says and be running after them like the town naked madmen because we are not mad.

“If it comes to the ruffle that he wants, they don’t have the number. You know that when you start to tell lies, you will have to lie many times to sustain one lie.

“We will not condescend to their level. But, let me say this. It is clear, Nigeria is a free country. There is freedom of association. Thee is freedom of worship. There is freedom of religion. There is freedom of expression. So, nobody in Nigeria can harass you. Just be the good guys that you are.

“My weapon which is the truth is more powerful than the weapon of the armed forces in the world. Have I threatened any of you? Have I ever sent any of you to prison? How many of you …have I ever said to any of you that if you do not follow me, I will send you to prison?

“…But, the tradition of Edo people is that if you do something and your father is not happy, he will call you home and say, my son, don’t do this again.

“As a father or mother, maturity is the ability to change the habit that you are not happy about. There is no wisdom to do as if you are an angel who has never sinned? Those who want to cast the first stone, may God bless them.

Oshiomhole’s Camp Accuses Edo Government of Sponsoring The Attack

Meanwhile, the Cable reports that Oshiomhole was at a friend’s birthday party when the hoodlums besieged his residence.

This was a statement from Oshiomhole’s spokesman, Simon Egbebulam.

Egbebulam accused the state government of sponsoring the attack which was resisted by security agents.

”Security operatives and youths of the APC in Edo state on Friday repelled an attack by thugs suspected yo be loyal to the state government at the residence of the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in Okorotun Street, Government Reservation Area, Benin City,” he said.

“Oshiomhole came for the purpose of a function that took place in Protea hotel which was his aim of coming to Benin City from Abuja.
“While he was away on the function, some thugs believed to be in the other camp, blocked the entrance to his residence, fanning the embers of war.

“Security men on ground dislodge the hoodlums from gaining entrance into the residence. Brave APC youths also resisted the thugs who took to their heel.”

Edo Government Denies Involvement

Meanwhile, the state government has distanced itself from the attack, saying it has no knowledge.

In a statement signed by the special adviser to the governor on media and communication strategy, Osagie Crusoe, the government said it reached out to the police to get the details.

“We have no knowledge of the attack. We have also reached out to the Police, and they affirmed that they do not know about such an attack.”

Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki have been in a locked on a battle over the future of Edo State.

While Oshiomhole claimed the governor abandoned his unfinished projects, the governor argued that he was being hated over his refusal to share Edo peoples’ money.

Meanwhile, the third force, the Edo Progressives Movement loyal to the APC Chairman had publicly called for the governor’s resignation for neglecting party leaders and allegedly awarding contracts to his cronies in Lagos.


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