List of what Amaechi did as Governor in Rivers State

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  1. Dualization of Rumuokuta-Choba East-West Road, Obi Akpor (N10.3bn, 88% completed)
  2. Construction of Eleme junction flyover (N7.3bn, 100% completed)
  3. Construction of Omofo-Agaba Ndele Road (N4.8bn, 90% competed)
  4. Dredging works/Roads at Opobo New Layout (4.52bn, 100% completed)
  5. Construction of Ozuzu to CSS Isu-Ogida Owu Egbu(N2.79bnhuge, 100% completed
  6. Dualization of Airport-Isiokpo/Omarelu Road (N35.15bn, 98% completed)
  7. Dualization of Ada George Phases 1 and 2/ Choba phase 2 NTA/ChobaAirport (N17.04bn, 80% completed).
  8. Dualization of Rumuola/Rumuokuta Road and (N2.78bn, 100% completed).
  9. Dualization of First Bank/Rumuomasi Road (N3.58bn, 100% completed)
  10. Dualization of slaughter-Trans Amadi/Rumuobiakani Road (N6.53bn, 100% completed)
  11. Shore protection and land reclamation of Egbomung/Oluk-Ama(N2.18bn, 90% completed)
  12. Construction of Bridge at Bolo Creek with approaches (N4.81bn, 100% completed)
  1. Dualization of Eneka-Igbo Etche link Road (N2.24bn, 70% completed)
  2. Construction of Apani internal Roads (N2.57bn, 100% completed)
  3. Construction of Nyokhana-Kenkhana Link Road with Bridge from Luuwa to Bere (N2.93bn, 40% completed)
  4. Construction of Odiolugbani-Enito 1 and 2-Oshie Road (N4.51bn, 80% completed)
  5. Expansion of Mbiama-Akinima Road (N1.98bn, 100% completed)
  6. Construction of Okeh-Ihie-Apani-Omarelu Road (N6.86bn, 97% completed)
  7. Construction of Bori internal Roads phase 3 (N1.71bn, 81% completed)
  8. Construction of Abua/Okoba Close Rumuibekwe with extension to Elelenwo (N2.19bn, 75% completed)
  9. Construction of Ikuru town- Atlantic Ocean Road (N2.38bn, 80% completed)
  10. Construction of Okeh-Mba-Umuaturu-Akpoku Obite, 21km with Bridge (N5.02bn, 100%completed)
  11. Reconstruction of Town Market (N3.52bn, 100% completed)
  12. Dualization of Rumukrushi-Eneka-Igwuruta Road (N13.87bn, 95% completed)
  13. Construction of Abuloma-Woji Road Bridge (N13.63bn, 50% completed)
  14. Construction of Akpajo-Woji Road/Bridge (N11.06bn, 56% completed)
  15. Construction of Ada George/East West Road junction flyover with Rotary turning and service lanes (N5.34bn, 80% completed)
  16. Dualization of Elekahia-Rumuamasi Road (N6.50bn, 100% completed)
  17. Dualization of Azikiwe Road (UTC) junction-Lagos Bus stop (N6.29bn, 89% completed)
  1. Completion of Airport-Igwuruta-Rumuokoro Road (N1.59bn, 100% completed)
  2. Reconstruction of Woji Road in GRA Phase 2 with drains and construction of Sani Abacha/NTANwogba Storm Water Drainage (N2.06bn, 75% completed)
  3. Reconstruction of Ikwerre Road from Education to Agipflyover (N5.88bn, 100% completed)
  4. Reconstruction/As[halt overlay of Igwuruta-Ohokoho-Okehi Road (N1,44bn, 100% completed)
  5. Reconstruction of Ken Saro Wiwa Road and flood control works around Ken Saro Wiwa Road/Ezimgbu Link Road-Aba Road, Port Harcourt and construction of Relief Road linking Aba Road to Ken SaroWiwa Road at Worlu street junction (N10.85bn, 90% completed, 30% Canal)
  6. Expansion/resurfacing of Kpopie-Bodo city Road (N3.91bn, 62% completed)
  7. Shore/protection works at Ndoni (N2.82bn, 100% completed)
  8. Dualization of Isiokpo-Ubima-Omarelu Road (15.34bn, 82% completed)
  9. Construction of Okrika Ring Road (N4.02bn, 100% completed)
  10. Construction of Unity Road, Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo Road (N31.00bn, 70% old and 30% new completed)
  11. Expansion of Okporo Road (N2.61bn, 100% completed)
  12. Reconstruction of Edeoha-Ikata-Ochigba Road (N2.09bn, 66% completed)
  13. Reconstruction of Ozuoba-Ogbogoro-Rumuolumeni Road (N5.22bn, 65% completed)
  14. Dualization of Chief G.U. Ake Road (N9.95bn, 100% completed)
  15. Construction of Nyowii-Dae-Lueku-Bagha-Seme Lueku-scholl to land Road (N3.78bn, 60% completed)
  16. Expansion of Amadi-Ama-Abuloma Road with Spur to Okuruama(N4.22bn, 100% completed)
  17. Expansion of Olu Obasanjo Road to six lanes and Rehabilitation of Omoku street, Okomoko street and Okomoko street Spur (N3.07bn, 100% completed)
  18. Design and Reconstruction of Rumuwoji (mile one) Ultra ModernMarket (N2.99bn, 100% completed)
  19. Dualization of Epirikom-Rumuolumeni Road (N9.88bn, 57% completed)
  20. Construction of Elioparanwo Road (N2.57bn, 65% completed)
  21. Repair of the collapsed Airforce Base flyover Retaining walls and construction of Dual carriage access Road to the Airforce Base flyover (N2.00bn, 100% completed)
  22. Reconstruction of Roads in D Line Port Harcourt (N7.55bn, 55% completed)
  23. Reconstruxtin of Omuanwa-Elele Road and Elele internal Roads (N2.48bn, 100% completed)
  24. Reconstruction of Eastern Bypass, Amadi-Ama OginigbaRoad (N2.89bn, 100% completed)
  25. Construction of Flyover at Olu Obasanjo Eliozu junction (N1.68bn, 100% completed)
  26. Construction of East/West Bypass and other lik Roads in Ahoada town (N1.17bn, 100% completed)
  27. Construction of Oro Ekpo Odoli/Awabie and ChindaStreet (1.66bn, 100% completed)
  28. Construction of Timothy Lane, Rumuola/Ohiamini Access Road PH plus Retaining wall (N1.62bn, 100% completed).
  29. Construction of Omuanwa internal Roads (N1.50bn, 100% completed)
  30. Construction of Rukpokwu-Eneka/Eneka Eliozu Link Roads (N1.32bn, 100% completed)

One fact known by everybody is that governing a state is a process that does not end and this is why every American President or British Prime Minister will always finish the good works of his predecessor. This is what made those advanced countries great. Rivers state cannot be different from others. The Amaechi government was champion of good projects for the people. However, no matter the commitment of a good leader like Amaechi, he cannot finish all the projects he started.

In all, the length of roads embarked upon by the Amaechi administration will come to about 1400 km. Of this figure, about 900km has been concluded. And that is almost the equivalent of the road distance between Lagos and Maiduguri and represents 64.2% of the total roads he constructed.

Furthermore, another 350km of the roads have reached over 90% completion and monies paid for their conclusions. This represents 25% of the total roads started by the Amaechi administration. In essence, the Rotimi Chibuike government completed and disbursed funds in full on 89.2% of the road projects it started since 2007.

Some claim they cannot find evidence of what the Amaechia dministration did in the road sector even though Port Harcourt and a greater part of the state have been described by many as one huge construction site. The saying that “seen is believing” is enough to convince the people of what he did.

Does it really make sense for anyone to deny what can be verified just to score cheap political point? Can the Wike administration given the way it is going ever do better or even match the wonderful achievements of the Amaechi years in the construction of roads in the state?

Our sincere prayer is that he does because the most important thing to us isthe development and progress of River state. That is our sole interest. In any case, we are happy that some commonsense is beginning to dawn on the governor despite the patronizing chants and rowdiness of his team members. We hear he has concluded plans to commission completed and near completed projects conceived and executed by the Amaechi administration which he has been demonizing.

Giving a little credit to his former boss will not diminish him as governor of Rivers state. Perhaps he should concentrate his energy on completing the remainders of Amaechi projects instead of insulting him on daily basis.


In our last exposure of the negative steps taken by the toddling administration of Governor Nyesom Wike, we were able to establish the giant strides of former Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in the road construction section. It was glaring that no state government in the history of our federation delivered so much on roads construction, maintenance and equitable distribution of constructed road networks to all facets of the state. We equally demonstrated that his job completion rate in that sector is second to none.

Today, in our effort aimed at boosting good governance and navigate the citizens into the direction of positive expectations and strict proofing of government projects, we shall focus on the education sector of the Amaechi administration to showcase the unprecedented revolution he carried out and bring to the attention of the citizens on the need for them to protect the positive legacy he left behind.

“Education is the bedrock of development,” they say. The demand for education can be said to be a derived one, in the sense that it is required not for its own sake, but to equip people with knowledge and skills towards creating better citizenry and societies. For decades Rivers State has been plagued by a number of rising problems- from militancy, armed robbery, kidnapping, and prostitution and HIV prevalence to lack of capacity among policy makers and civil servants, including teachers. Today, our children are growing up and having militants as role models. Today, we have, even among high-ranking government officials, people who cannot make simple, correct sentences, let alone critically diagnose and proffer solutions to the growing challenges we face as a people.

Perhaps it is the realization that if these problems, and their associated social miasma, are not addressed through a strategic, sound educational policy that motivated Gov. Amaechi’s ambitious, yet strategic strides in the sector.

When Amaechi assumed power in 2007 in Rivers state, the educational infrastructures in the state were in extreme decay and begging for attention. The policy makers and implementers at the time were demoralized and crestfallen due to the decades of neglect of the sector by succeeding administrations. Amaechi once again rolled his sleeves, brought on board men and women of supreme administrative qualities and immersed headlong into the muddied waters of education in the state. After 8 years of unparalleled investment, the administration delivered to the people one of the most comprehensive, functional and qualitative educational system in the history of Nigeria.

The questions People are asking are: why can’t the Gov. Nyesom Wike administration continue on this sound foundation instead of chasing shadows in pursuit of Amaechi’s demystification? Is he not learning any lesson from President Buhari who has hit the ground running and unfolding principled and nation building programmes? Must Gov. Nyesom Wike remain in the campaign mood despite spending close to N85bn since the inception of his administration with absolutely nothing to show for it? It is a pity that despite the availability of this huge sum of money, his government still owed workers salary arrears. Incredible!

In understanding the Amaechi’s milestone in the sector, a thorough exposition of some of the legacy projects will suffice. These legacy projects are legendry as well. Examples are:

  1. Constructing of 513 super model Primary schools: 315 completed while 174 are functional.
  2. Construction of 24 model Secondary schools in 23 LGAs. 5 are completed while one is functional.
  3. Construction of 3 super model Junior Secondary schools: One completed and ready for use.
  4. Fencing of super model primary and secondary schools: 246 completed while 60 are currently ongoing.
  5. Landscaping of super model primary schools:236 completed while 6 are currently ongoing.
  6. Furnishing of super model primary schools: 222 awarded, 197 completed while 25 are ongoing.
  7. ICT deployment to model schools: 151 awarded, 146 finished while 5 are ongoing.
  8. Scholarships abroad: 309 Rivers students studied in Malaysia while 95 studied in Russia.
  9. Technical school (Germany): 28 students were sent to Germany, 8 of them retained as instructors.
  10. Equipment of Vocational schools: Equipped to handle 4 departments/vocations.
  11. Deployment of EduComp solutions: Fully deployed at Nne Furo Kurobo Super Model Secondary School.
  12. Education Management Information System (EMIS): Collection and procession of all educational data. This stores data in a retrievable manner . This provides accurate, reliable, quality and time education data for god governance.
  13. Induction of 13,201 teachers and internship programmes and annual training and retraining of teachers, payment of teachers salaries as at when due.
  14. Need Assessment: Provision of high quality education is the key policy of the Amaechi administration. The achievement of this objective was anchored on the construction of schools with provision of ICT Labs which are well stocked with computers, Libraries, Sickbays, Auditoriums, Well Landscaped and secured environments, Equipped playgrounds, Classrooms not exceeding 30 pupils.
  15. Community Secondary School, Amadi-Ama: This project is completed, fully furnished and ready for teaching and learning. ****
  16. Free Books distribution Project: Free books distribution to primary and secondary schools.
  17. Provision of school chairs to pupils.
  18. Borikiri Secondary School: This school is completed, furnished and ready for use. ****
  19. Rivers State Education Quality Assurance Agency: This was inaugurated in 2013 with the mandate to monitor, supervise and evaluate standards for establishment and performance of both public and private schools in Rivers state.An important dimension of the educational programme of the Amaechi administration is this establishment of an Education Quality Assurance Agency to oversight the management of both public and private primary and secondary schools in the state, with a view to having them conform to minimum standards for better education in the State. The agency which was managed by a team of seasoned educationists in the state, led by Emeritus Prof. Otonti Nduka, also created dozens of jobs for some Rivers people. With a global perspective, the Agency has since developed programmes with integrated learning experiences and teaching methodologies designed to bring up our children and wards to compete and excel in the global arena.
  20. Cleaning of schools: Over 220 schools are presently being cleaned daily by sophisticated and premium cleaning agencies for the entrenchment of hygiene

The above listed are some of the quality programmes and projects conceptualized and implemented by the Chibuike Amaechi administration in Rivers state. The education programme of the administration was designed to meet the challenges of the new world order. In a world that promotes skill acquisitions in diverse disciplines, the framers of the policy took into cognisance the need to harness the hidden potentials of the state. This is the marking of Amaechi years.

The table below shows the various programs and projects and their statuses when Amaechi’s administration came to an end on May 29, 2015.

1.Construction of Model Primary SchoolsUnder construction: 513


Completed: 315

Functional: 174 .

2.Construction of Model Junior Secondary SchoolsUnder construction: 3


Completed, equipped and ready for use: 1

3.Construction of Model Secondary SchoolsProposed for construction: 24 – one in each of the 23 LGAs of the state.


Completed: 5

Functional. 1

Under Construction: 10

Yet to Commence: 9

4.Fencing of Model Primary & Secondary SchoolsCompleted: 246


On-going: 60

5.Landscaping of Model Primary SchoolsCompleted: 236


On-going: 6

6.Furnishing of Model Primary Schools.Total awarded for furnishing: 222


Fully furnished: 197

On-going: 25

7.ICT Deployments to Model SchoolsTotal number awarded: 151


Completed: 146

On-going: 5

8.Scholarships for Rivers states studentsa) Malaysia: 309-grauduated


b) Russia: 95-graduated (38of them medical doctors)

c) Brazil: 2 (on-going).

d) Germany: 15 (on-going)

9.Technical School (Germany)Number sent for training: 28(graduated with 8 retained as instructors in the states Technical and Vocational School.
 Governor’s Overseas Scholarship SchemeThis scheme is aimed at training young Rivers men and women in acquiring the best qualifications in the area of medicine, sciences, engineering, information and communications technology, oil and gas engineering and social sciences.


Over 2000 students benefited.

 The Oversea Technical training Scheme:


Rivers State Sustainable development Agency (RSSDA) in Partnership with United Nations Institute for Training and research (UNITAR)

Beneficiaries: 80


Country of study: Norway and Namibia

Nature of Study: Wielding, fabrication, drilling, instrumentation and automation.




Undergraduates: 1039

Masters: 301

PHD: 209


Undergraduates: 154

Masters: 44

PHD: 6

 Rivers State Quality Assurance AgencyTo take over and perform the statutory functions, rights, interests, obligations and liabilities of the departments/units responsible for the inspection, supervision and monitoring of public and private schools in the State before the commencement of the Law.
 UNESCO WORLD BOOK CAPITAL 2014The Bangkok team, the 2013 holders of the title, UNESCO’s World Book Capital formally handed over to the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt on April 23, 2014, making the hundred year old city, the first in Sub Saharan Africa, and the second in the entire Africa, after Alexandria, Egypt(2002 host), to emerge a World Book Capital City


Port Harcourt was chosen as 2014 World Book Capital, on account of the quality of its programme, in particular its focus on youth and the impact it will have on improving Nigeria’s culture of books, reading, writing and publishing to improve literacy rates

10EduComp Solutions Nigeria LimitedEduComp Solutions is a world class education service provider and a market leader in digital educational content solutions around the world. They are the Managers of Ambassador Nne Furo Kurubo Model Secondary School.
11Education Management Information System EMIS.Initiate and carry out national school census. Collection and procession of all education data. Stores data in retrievable manner. Provide reliable, accurate, quality and time education data for good governance.
12Academic CompetitionsThe Rivers State Ministry of Education organizes and sponsors academic competitions like the Annual Governor’s Cup competition, Spellbound Spelling Competition, Poetry Writing Competition, Read Aloud and Essay Competition.
13Teacher Education/Welfare.Induction of 13,201 teachers and internship programmes, annual training and re-training of teachers, payment of salaries of teachers as at when due.
14Free EducationThe free education program includes providing schooling, books, school uniforms, shoes, bags and sports wears free of charge to all children of school age residing in Rivers State.


The model school project involves providing state of the art learning environments whose key features include providing:

• ICT Labs which are well stocked with computers.

• Libraries

• Sickbays

• Auditoriums

• Well Landscaped and secured environments

• Equipped playgrounds

• Classrooms not exceeding 30 pupils.

15Community Secondary School Amadi-AmaCompleted, fully furnished and ready for use.
16Borikiri Secondary SchoolCompleted, furnished and ready for use.
17Laptops from INECTotal number at the ministry of education: 1238


Status: refurbished and uploaded with learning software and ready for distribution

18School CensusThe Ministry’s EMIS unit in collaboration with the SUBEB and SSSB perform annual school census and information gathering to ensure uniformity for effective education decision making.
19Training for teachers• ICT Proficiency with Linkserve: 432 in 29 schools (on-going)


• Techniques of Teaching with British Council: 5,500 (on-going)

• English Language skills with British Council/Eltisalat: 40

• Mathematics skills: All mathematics teachers in the State

20Ignatius Ajuru University of Education• Upgrade of former Rivers state college of College of education to a full-fledged university


• Construction of Deployment of ICT centre with over 425 computers into a campus wide network at the Rumuolumeni campus with full data, voice and internet connectivity.

• Deployment of web based schools management portal.

• Deployment of online UTME testing (post jamb) which is a sector standard.

• Upgrade of University health services unit including laboratories.

• Fencing of University Land at RumuolumeniConstruction of Drainages

• Renovation of existing hostels in all the campuses

• Purchase of 10 Toyota corolla cars

• Library upgrade

• Construction of additional staff quarters

• Renovation of provost lodge

• Computerization of library, registry and bursary departments.


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