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Fasehun’s UPN Is Illegal, Jonathan’s Destabilisation Ploy, Says Akande

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NATIONAL Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Bisi Akande, has described Dr. Frederick Fasehun-led Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) as an illegal organisation and a ploy by President Goodluck Jonathan’s to destabilise the country.

Akande, former deputy governor of old Oyo under the platform of the default UPN, said the original party has been abolished by a decree.

Speaking with The Guardian Saturday, he said: “UPN as at today is an illegal organisation. It was abolished by a decree, which has the force of statute. And to resuscitate it will require an act of the National Assembly. That is all I know and that is the truth.”

Recently, Fasehun, who founded the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), explained that he did not revive the party for personal interest.

“I am not intending to take any elective position but I see a lot of failures in the system.  Nigeria would have been a great country but for the people. And why must you institutionalise lies and bogus propaganda just because we have political differences?  For some time now, people have been telling various lies about me just because they are jittery over the resuscitation of UPN,” he said.

But Akande stressed that the revival is beyond Fasehun.

“Fasehun’s UPN cannot just be dismissed as an attempt by a particular individual. It is not. The truth of it is that Jonathan wants Nigeria destabilised so that the Southsouth will say they are the bona fide owner of oil.

“They want Nigeria to break up and that is why the President wants to destabilise the country. When Nigeria gets into serious trouble most people will become refugees. We already know what it is to live under a very bad government, you can imagine what absence of government will bring,” he noted.

Not done, Akande, a personal friend of Fasehun, declared: “I don’t want to be part of it because I know it is an illegal organisation with sinister intension. Anybody can resuscitate it but we will meet in court.

“They want to subsume thugs under that platform to fight the APC in the Southwest. They want to use it as a cover for thuggery against APC in the zone.”

However, Akande would not be drawn into discussion on the personality of Fasehun even as he insisted that the OPC leader never told him anything about the new UPN.

“I don’t know about Fasehun and I don’t want to talk about him; he is my personal friend. But I am talking of the illegal UPN; and I know what the law says.

“Fasehun never told me he wanted to resuscitate UPN. But he’s not a lawyer; he’s a medical doctor. And he may not know the implications. He has not sought my advice and I am not giving him one”, Said Akande.





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