Don’t vote those without certificate, says Sambo

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Vice President Namadi Sambo, who is also the presidential running mate to the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, has asked Nigerians not to vote for any candidate in the March 28 election who cannot provide his school certificate.

Sambo said this on Thursday during a meeting with the Arewa community in Lagos at the old parliament building in Tafawa Balewa Square.

“Don’t listen to those who cannot prove or provide their school certificate. If you go back, it’s change. Do you want to go back? Today, some people will tell you their certificate is in Toronto. Tomorrow, they will tell you their certificate is in Toronto. Do we want people like that?” he said.

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According to the vice president, the PDP is certain to sweep the poll on March 28.

“We need to ensure that the Peoples Democratic Party wins at every polling booth. Our rating is very high in Lagos and other South-West states. We need to mobilise and vote in PDP in the presidential election,” he added.

He told his audience that if PDP was voted in the presidential poll, the April 11 governorship election would be a “walk-over” for Mr. Jimi Agbaje, the party’s governorship candidate in Lagos.

Responding to the VP’s speech, Agbaje said Lagos State would be delivered to PDP. While commending the oratorical skill of Sambo, the PDP Lagos governorship candidate took a swipe at the All Progressives Congress’ presidential and governorship candidates.

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He said, “Lagos will be delivered this Saturday. Just imagine how brilliantly our VP spoke without reading from any prepared paper. But their own candidates in the opposition cannot speak or say anything without reading from a prepared note.

“Do you know why? It is because they are always told what to say. I can also tell you that after these elections, they will change the name of their party again. After April 11, APC will change its name.”

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  1. Harry Osawe says

    I Copied these comments:Slavery is when you sleep without power (in this harsh whether) with all your doors and windows locked because of insecurity, wake up to queue at the gas station to buy imported fuel with your hard-earned devalued naira, go back home to charge your your phone and rechargeable lamps with your overworked China generator, buy data bundles at unimaginable cost and still use the same miserable phone to post #GEJ till 2019#

  2. Jeff Eghaghe says


  3. Lawrence Obeka says

    sambo is a shame to nigeria…useless certificate of yours and jona

  4. Chinonso Samuel says

    Sai buhari present your certificate now

  5. Chinonso Samuel says

    Sai buhari present your certificate now

  6. Mobolaji Olufolarin Art says


  7. Tonia Ebere says

    Good luck can’t even win Kaduna

  8. Tonia Ebere says

    Sambo talks once in a year , babysitter VP

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