Delta State: Ebireri disowns Olose

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Ebireri disowns Olose Again

The Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Henry Ebireri has again disowned Mr. John Olose

APC data Centre
APC data Centre

“I have stated the true position as to the status of Mr. John Olose concerning the office of the speaker. Perhaps, Sahara Reporters will be kind enough to give us the designation of Olose in the office of the speaker”.

A statement in Asaba on Monday by Henry Ebireri, advised the public to disregard the news story in Sahara Reporters.

“Is Sahara Reporters telling us that the criminal action of a 54 year old man should be imputed on the Right Honourable Speaker because he is representing Sapele State Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly? That will be standing the law on its apex. Is Sahara Reporters saying that the speaker is liable for the criminal action perpetuated 200 miles away from Delta State House of Assembly in the comfort of Olose’s abode without the incline of the person of the speaker? Is that what Sahara Reporters has reduced the ethics of journalism to?

Ebireri praised Igbuya for providing political leadership and strategic direction to the House as well as exercising impartiality at all times in pursuance of his duties

‘Sahara Reporters has deliberately and repeatedly misinformed the public concerning issues affecting the Delta State House of Assembly and the person of the speaker.

Restating the position of the Office of the Speaker, Ebireri said “Mr. John Olose is a committed member of the All Progressives Congress (APC). He is not a political aide to the Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. The political aides of the Rt. Hon Speaker are highly responsible people. The Office of the Speaker is staffed by professionals”

Continuing, the statement said “Mr. John Olose is a proud member of APC. Let’s not listen to propaganda. Let’s think of development and move Delta State forward. The Delta State House of Assembly presided by Right Honourable Monday Igbuya will continue to look after the interests of the people, make laws that will improve their lives, discuss and debate government policy and other political issues, consult with the people, help people in their constituencies, approve the budgets of government departments, as presented to the House by the Governor, make sure that the work that government promised to do is being done and check that public money is being spent wisely.”


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