Boko Haram: Ethnic groups in US meet with state department

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President of the National Association of Yoruba Descendants in North America, Yeye Afin Monilola Tenabe has disclosed that the concern of ethnic associations in America about the threat to peace posed by activities of Boko Haram compelled her association and other Nigerian ethnic associations in the US to take up the issue with the State Department in the US.

According to her, her group Egbe Omo Yoruba, North America, together with the Igbo Congress and Zumuntal representing the North went to dialogue with the State Department as “to what can be done to ensure the safety of our people and the country.

“And they assured us of their assistance, so we are working with them so that they can work with the Federal Government”, she said.

Tenabe disclosed this at a press briefing to intimate the press with the aims and objectives of the visit of the Egbe Omo Yoruba in North America to the South West with took place at Airport Hotel yesterday.

According to her, the Association which is non-partisan is carrying on with the progressive agenda, for the South west, of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

“We want to speak with Yoruba people on the need that the Yorubas need to move together in unison, that we all need to cooperate in all aspects of development to make it easier for our people to interact, to come and go more easily. And that we as Yoruba in diaspora have the expertise and all the things we can bring back to help in developing the South west; we want to partner with the state governments to bring about development in the South west”, she said.

She stressed that the group believes in true federalism and is pursuing a South west agenda not minding political affiliation “moving forward and caring for the Yoruba people and South west.

The group also hopes to partner with the private sector especially in the area of creating employment to provide jobs for the teaming unemployed in the region and would also want the governments in the zone to create a channel for them to come back home to contribute their quota.

She also disclosed that the group had made several trips back home before now and has contributed in the area of education and health development and is currently partnering with Osun state in the area of preservation of culture and” we are going to do more”.

The group is also planning a festival of Arts and Culture in the region next year, “we need a bigger window to do bigger things”, she said.

Between 4th and 21st April, the Association will pay courtesy visits to prominent Yoruba traditional rulers, political leaders and other influencial Yoruba citizens in the South west to among other things seek their support and collaborative efforts in the development programs for the people.


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