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APC Crisis: EFP Appeals For Peace, A Second Chance For Oshiomhole

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A pan-Edo social-cultural group, Edo Political Forum (EFP) has called on aggrieved members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to shield swords on their National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole.

Edo Forum of Patriots EFP
Edo Forum of Patriots EFP

Many APC governors are calling for the ousting of the Chairman over what they described as “impunity and hijacking of party candidates’ list” submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

In its reaction, the EFP in a statement signed by the Chairman, Aiyamekhue Edokpolor, the group begged APC members for Oshiomhole’s forgiveness and appealed for more time for the Chairman to prove his worth and capabilities.

” To err is human, to forgive divine “. Over the years, this aphorism has guided humans positively with therapeutic and regenerative panacea in affairs of human relationships – and inculcating in us that if we forgive, we are godlike.

“This letter admits that it is a loud call to the universal brotherhood of Edo children everywhere at home, and in the diaspora, to give him just that opportunity! “, EFP said.

EFP agreed that the party Chairman may have stepped on toes in the course of carrying out his responsibilities but warned that his errors should not be translated to “ethnic coloured criticism” as allegedly displayed so far by some of its members.

It said:”Yes, we admit it, Oshiomole has erred! Our admittance to his errors or maybe a paradigm shift by the National Working Committee of the APC is a testament to our unwavering disposition to stand tall in our resolve not to be partisan at all cost.

“In the dispensation of his duty, no doubt he might have stepped on toes, drew blood and hurt some powerful individuals, but, let us agree that as humans, we make errors – and oftentimes this happens when one tries to do his job to the best of his ability – but we are doubly sure that his intention was not to harm.

“We should, therefore, be cautious not to be consumed with vengeful passion like Shakespeare’s plebians, who would kill a man for the misfortune of sharing a name with another. Because the partisan and ethnic coloured criticism that some have resorted to in ventilating their grievances hardly does any good but has the potential to undermine efforts at national integration and unity, by both the government and patriotic individuals.”

The group called on the angry members of the APC to give Oshiomhole a second chance, urging the party to promote internal democracy by entertaining a various point of views within its fold.

“We hereby call on the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) passionately to allow Oshiomhole a second opportunity to prove himself and justify the confidence they had reposed on him earlier when they elected him. It will be pertinent at this juncture to reflect on the wisdom that had animated his choice as the national Chairman in the first place and exercise helpful restrain and sober consideration.

“This will help to encourage superior freedom of administration so that leaders and administrators must not get the feeling that they will get punished for attempts at personal styles and experimentation with new methods in carrying out their assigned duties.

“On this premise, we appeal to the Party to be magnanimous and elastic enough in judgement and to manage its internal challenges as well as being robust in maintaining various points of view within its fold. And to all dear Nigerians, we call on you to see the APC’s problem as a national problem; being the ruling party, whose internal affairs could have implications on other matters of national interest.”


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