APC berates PDP for distracting Buhari

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THE Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday berated the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the ‘’irrational heckling and outlandish statements’’ on the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.


Accusing the PDP of plotting to pit the millions of Nigerians, who voted for “change” against the Federal Government by distracting the Buhari administration, the ruling party urged the rival party to bury its head in shame.

The APC said the rival party was dissipating energies on a wasteful venture as Nigerians have not forgotten how the PDP plundered the wealth of nation between 1999 and May 29.

“For a PDP that totally destroyed the Nigerian economy and stole 16 years of the nation’s providential oil boom to now mount a daily credo of rootless criticism of a regime that is working so hard to recover the country from PDP’s wasteful hangover shows that it is insulting the intelligence of Nigerians, who roundly rejected it a few months ago,” the party said in a statement by Lagos State spokesman Joe Igbokwe.

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The party said the shocking revelations of looting, corruption and the plundering of the nation’s treasury by officials of the PDP were enough to lead to the proscription of the party, wondering  why the PDP should believe it would make a headway distracting the Buhari government from rescuing Nigeria.

The statement reads: “We advise the PDP to bear the burden of its corrupt acts as its pranks will not deter President Buhari from rescuing Nigeria from the pits dug by the PDP.

“We observe that rather than keep quiet as Nigerians brace themselves for the shocking details of its nefarious acts of public stealing and corruption, the PDP has inundated the Nigerian space with spurious wolf crying as a way of staving off prosecution for its many corrupt acts.

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“When it is not crying wolf, the PDP is making specious and ridiculous allegations of non-performance on an administration that has in three eventful months cleared much of the debris of rot and decay it studiously built to wreck Nigeria in 16 years of criminal leadership.

“It said that what survived the regrettable PDP years are the litany of self-scripted spurious testimonials of superlative performance of the economy in the face of debilitating poverty, dead and crumbled infrastructure, relentless stealing of public funds and stupendous promotion of corrupt acts in every sector of governance.”

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  1. Mahmoud Egieya says

    We are not in a one party system let us learn to tolerate each others

  2. Nasir Kwaifa says

    PDP can’t criticize developmental issues, rather they resort to baseless and focus less noise.

  3. Mahmoud Egieya says

    What is the meaning of opposition in Democracy? Pmb should expect more opposition if we are in true democracy and use them as a ladder to get higher. Stop crying more than the bereaved and face reality. No govt succeeds without opposition, not even in America the world envy

  4. Esan Faniyi says

    PMB Ride On Pdp Cant Do You Anytin Noise Makers Nigeria Is Changing Gradualy Nd Nigerians Are Happy Wt PMB

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