After woeful defeat in Rivers, Amaechi turns beggar

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The governor of Rivers State, a member of the All Progressives Congress, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has turned beggar after woefully loosing Rivers State to the Peoples Democratic Party during the last Presidential election.

The governor in his appeal, pleaded with the people of the state to forgive him, adding that he acted in the interest of the state.

He made the appeal in a pre-election broadcast yesterday in state capital, Port Harcourt.

He also advised the people to avoid anything to do with violence during the coming governorship election.

He said people of the state should note that the election was for the progress of the state, adding that the common good of the state should be the concern of.all.

“As we prepare for that election, we have a little time to reflect on the issues at stake. It must be about Rivers state. It must be about its progress and the prosperity of all who live here and are from here.

“It must be about development, good governance, peace and security. We need to stand firm as a people for what we believe in.

“When that day breaks, I encourage you all to come out with your Permanent Voters Cards, walk to the polling station to get accredited.

“Even if it rains, stand to be counted. This election is about your life, your safety, the wellbeing of your loved ones, your business, and the future of your children, and ultimately, our great state.

“Let it be said of you in the future that you stood up to be counted. Deep down inside everyone of us, we want a peaceful, transparent, credible and violence-free election.

“As long as you remain peaceful and law abiding people, the state will ensure that its security personnel act professionally, in keeping you safe because they and their families also have a stake in a peaceful election. Certainly, afflictions shall not rise a second time.

“Again, I call on the youth to resolve not to be instruments in the hands of politicians who don’t wish our people well. Those who divide and pitch us against ourselves are not of us; they are not our friends, they are our enemies and we must avoid them.”



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