2015: AD to work for APC’s success

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The Alliance for Democracy (AD) yesterday declared its support for the All Progressive Congress, (APC), saying that the AD, which is one of the oldest parties in the country, will work for APC’s victory in the next general elections.

Speaking to reporters, AD National Chairman, Chief Michael Koleoso, said the party will mobilise its supporters in the 36 states and 776 local governments to support the merger aimed at saving Nigeria from what it called the floundering fortunes of the country in the hands of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“We are the oldest progressive political party in Nigeria. In 1999, we produced the six governors of the Southwest and the AD was the most formidable opposition in the National Assembly. We have the credential of being the country’s defender of democratic values. We are committed and dedicated, tested and trusted to seeing the democratic replacement of the PDP in the coming elections”, Koleoso said in Lagos.

He added that the NEC has directed all its officials at the state, local governments and ward levels to begin massive campaign for the merger which, he said, was necessary to reclaim the lost glory.

Koleoso said that AD will soon inform the INEC of the date of the next national convention where resolutions shall be passed to join the merger.

“Nigeria is at a cross road. We are faced with terrorism, violence and faith- induced intolerance. Houses are being burnt, people are being killed and hostage taking has pushed Nigeria into the red light district of global reckoning. We need to reclaim the glory of Nigeria. Only the progressives have the potential to safe this country. We are going to do it by working with the APC to bring the PDP on its knee, Koleosoho said.

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