VIDEO: 50 Trainees Share A Fish Head At The Nigerian Police College

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Sometimes we wonder why some of the Nigerian Policemen are corrupt, why they are always contended with taking bribes instead of performing their duties, well it all starts here at the Police College.

It is indeed a deplorable state in the Nigeria Police College, Ikeja, Lagos, the first police college in the country, built in 1940.

Channels TV exposed the deplorable conditions of the dormitories at the training college where recruits spend months to get training to become police officers. The condition of the hostels, the bathrooms, and even the way they feed is so shameful. N150 daily meal allowance. 50 people sharing 1 head of fish, it’s just so sad.

There has been no major development at the college since it was built in the 40’s except for a few renovations. They even still use type-writer. The College was built for 700 students, but now has 2,554 trainees presently.

For a young Nigerian man/woman needing the energy to survive the rigorous training required of a law enforcement officer, isn’t it totally ridiculous that they have to survive on (N50 per meal) N150 per day?

More pictures below:































































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