Why RUGA Failed – Shehu Sani

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Shehu Sani, a former Senator of Kaduna Central Senatorial District says the popular proposed Ruga Settlement Program failed because of lack of consultation.

The federal government designed RUGA for herders to avert further bloodshed between the Fulani herdsmen and farmers.

Shehu Sani
Shehu Sani

Sani spoke on Thursday at the 9th Emeka Anyaoku Annual Lecture series on Nigerian youth and the imperative of good governance and sustainable national development in Owerri.

He also attributed the rejection to bad governance, adding that good governance and National development intertwined.

He said the lecture was a good attempt to teach the leadership and towering governance ideals of the great international civil servant who put Nigeria on the global map by demonstrating what can be conceived and attained as the zenith of the Nigerian possibility.

“In a democracy, a responsive government does not draw up a programme such as RUGA and shove it down the throat of citizens without proper and intense broad-based, all-stakeholders consultation. Such a programme, no matter how laudable the intent might be, will be resisted by broad segments of the population as is the case with the RUGA programme,” Sani opined.


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