Video: Documentary On Oshiomhole 7 years As Edo State Governor

Re: Governor Adams breaks ranks with the Governors, supports Labour over minimum wage!

The Edo State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has asked people to beware of the statement credited to state governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole against his colleagues on the decision reached regarding mininum wage.

The governor had disagreed with the other governors who said they wouldn’t pay N18,000 mininum wage which was signed by President Goodluck Jonathan due to the financial crunch the country is currently facing.

His words: “I am a labour man, I have been clear with my colleagues in seeking to find solution to the problem we face. We have to be holistic, we cannot at one hand question the wisdom behind the national minimum wage. I joined the NLC to protest to the National Assembly when they were going to amend the constitution to make the minimum wage a concurrent issue.

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“I said workers have a stake in this democracy. They are the ones who could afford to march the streets and they march the streets for democracy. Democracy doesn’t have to run at the comfort or convenience of governors, ministers, and presidents.

“I believe that the issue in the economy hasn’t got to do with minimum wage. I have always also reminded my colleagues that the minimum wage was not imposed, it was negotiated and state governments agreed to it, the president signed it not under duress, there was no strike to compel the then president to sign it, he signed it voluntarily.

Reacting to the assertion, the PDP Publicity Secretary Chris Nehikhare said the governor made such statement because of his present predicament.

He said  “This is the first pro people statement the governor has made in 7 years. But beware, its just a statement not action! We know it was influenced by the situation governor Adams has found himself. His popularity is at the lowest ebb in the seven years he has been Governor and quite frankly, Adams needs friends. He has taken a beaten since he introduced the no work no pay policy if workers go on strike and refuse to be bullied by his antics.

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“He has taken a beaten since he sacked the members of the YES scheme after using them for election purposes. He has taken a beaten when it was revealed that he paid 5000 Naira a month to some workers under his employ. He has over time paid below the nationally approved minimum wage, hence our disbelief hearing his made -for -newspaper -headline statement.

“The recent statement on the proposed evil thought by the majority APC governors on the minimum wage is a pointer to the fact that no-one else matters but them. The ” change” they promised is a ruse!

“It is obvious from the statement of governor Adams that he wants to continue to be deceitful.
I’m happy to inform him that Nigerians, especially Edolites know him better and can no longer be fooled by his antics. Labour in Edo State suffered the brunt of his draconian and inhuman policies. An isolated statement like this would not appease labour, neither will he get some respite!”

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