Video: Wife Accosted Husband’s Side Chick At Ikeja Mall

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An angry woman accosted her husband’s side chick at Ikeja Shopping Mall on Jan 4.

The incident was contained in a video shared by a twitter user ‘ House of KhaleedTailor @khaleedtailors.

The woman can be seen on the video shouting at the unidenfified woman, accusing her of having an affair with her husband.

Meanwhile, the woman, despite the provocation is seen trying to walk away.

The woman had reportedly warned the side chick on several occasions to steer clear from her husband.

People rushed to intervene when the angry woman pulled off the lady’s wig, perhaps, to elicit a reaction, yet, she remained quiet.

She called her a husband snatcher, run to stop her from leaving, asking her to respond but the lady remained completely quiet.


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