Video: Borno Residents Boo Buhari

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The once loved President Muhammadu Buhari was today booed by some residents of Borno State.

Angry residents who stood by both sides of the road as Buhari and his convoy droved past booed the President on Wednesday.

Buhari headed to Borno State after returning from the African Union Summit in Ethiopia.

NAIJA CENTER had reported on Wednesday that Buhari visited Borno over the recent massacre of travellers by Boko Haram members in Auno village.

The incident happened on Sunday night. The aides to the state government confirmed that about 18 vehicles were burnt while many travellers, mostly women and kids were abducted.

As the convoy of the President drives pass on Wednesday, angry residents shouted in Hausa: “Bama so!” “Bamayi” which means “We don’t want; we are not interested”

Buhari has always gained the support of Borno residents. In his previous visits, the residents chanted “Sai baba!” until today.

Commenting on the hostile reception that Buhari got on Wednesday, a Twitter user wrote: “If what I’ve been hearing from the people welcoming President Buhari to Maiduguri is all but to judge, then the people of Borno are not happy. Just opposite of his earlier Visits. “Bama so” “Bamayi!” This is really serious. There must be a change of strategy in Fighting BH.”


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