Two foreigners, 4 others kidnapped in Bauchi

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Gunmen have kidnapped six workers including two foreigners at a Lebanese-owned construction site in northern Nigeria, and shot dead their security guard, police said on Sunday.

“There was an attack on the Setraco construction company site in Jama’are town (in Bauchi State) by unknown gunmen. Six company staff, including two expatriates, were kidnapped,” state police chief Mohammed Ladan said of the incident late Saturday.

“They killed the security guard at the site. We are still working to establish the nationalities of the two expatriates,” he told AFP.

The same gunmen had earlier attacked the prison and a police station in Jama’are, which lies about 200 kilometres (125 miles) from the state capital Bauchi city, but were repelled, Ladan added.

There was a similar attack on Saturday by gunmen on a police station in Kafin Madaki town, about 40 kilometres from Bauchi city, triggering a shootout.

Setraco Nigeria, a construction and civil engineering company, is a subsidiary of Setraco International Holding group.

The Nigerian company, which was established in 1977, is currently working on expanding a major road in northern Nigeria.


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