Thugs Now In Control Of Government In Nigeria, Says INEC REC

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A resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission, I(NEC)  in Akwa Ibom State, Mike Igini says thugs are now in charge of the government in Nigeria.

Igini’s comment follows the conducts of rerun elections across some states, including Akwa Ibom State.

Professor Mahmood Yakubu - INEC Chairman
INEC Chairman

While speaking on ARISE NEWS political programme on Wednesday monitored by NAIJA  CENTER, the outspoken INEC official lamented the politicians now work in tandem with thugs to manipulate the electoral process.

“A number of us worked for democracy, some of our colleagues were not lucky enough, they died fighting for democracy. The greatest challenge country is that those who didn’t fight democracy are the biggest beneficiaries of democracy.

“For democracy to survive, it must not be organised crime. But over the years, efforts to get this thing properly done has been met with stubborn resistance by political elites.

“You and I know that everything rises and fall with leadership, if you get leadership right, the speed at which Nigeria will attain greatness will be like this speed of a rocket.

“We have looked at elections after elections, as a matter of fact, we have had problems with our elections even in 1959.

“I have all the facts about the political class not wanting to have proper elections in this country. My people want to go to heaven but they are afraid of death. Death is a condition of going to heaven. Politicians prefer chaos rather than orderliness,  politicians are not ready for good elections.

“They attack the process, they want to take over it. I was brought on board with professor Attahiru Jega in 2010 by former President Goodluck Jonathan. Now I have the privilege of being retained by another president, the current president to midwife the Democratic process.”

Asked about being partisan, especially being a pro-PDP resident electoral Commissioner 

Igini said “It’s not new, it’s incorrect. Let me tell you. My commitment in terms of absolute neutrality, having taken an oath like the Roman’s,  as a matter of fact, when I was in Cross River State, the record is that I have been against PDP, PDP led a protest to my office, they said Igini is encouraging opposition to survive and take PDP out of government. 

I told them what kind of democracy are you talking about?  Without opposition, modern democracy is dead. I have done nothing, rather than to provide equal opportunity for all.

We have got to a level where thugs have taken over the government. We just talked about the situation in Imo state, what kind of a society are we?  That person who is supposed to protect society is seen side by side with thugs. It’s embarrassing.

“Do you know that in Nigeria, you have an association of thugs network across Nigeria. Those who have helped to manipulate elections over the years are now in government. Thugs are already in government.

When asked to name some of the thugs in government “Igini has these to say: “what I am saying is that everywhere in Nigeria, we now have thugs who are councillors, local government chairmen and members of House of Assembly in some states who are leaders of thugs.”


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