Taraba: Nigeria Soldiers Beneficiaries Of Arrested Kidnap Kingpin – Report

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New Telegraph has quoted sources that the execution of the three policemen in Taraba state was ordered by a captain in the Nigeria military.

According to the report, the officer is one of those benefiting from the profits of the kidnapped kingpin Hamisu Wadume who was arrested by the Nigeria police at the time they were shot by their colleagues.

Three Officers Killed Taraba: Nigeria Soldiers Beneficiaries Of Arrested Kidnap Kingpin - Report
Three Officers Killed By Nigeria Soldiers

The Newspaper quote a source as saying that the suspect had been generous to soldiers in Ibi.

A few months ago, Wadume reportedly paid N1.5 million when one of the soldiers was kidnapped.

The killing of the three policemen in Taraba State had generated a lot of reactions and further tainted the relationship between the Police and soldiers.

My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.

Goodluck Jonathan Former Nigeria President

The Police had accused the soldiers of intentionally killing its officers and freeing Wadume, the army claimed its officers opened fire with the belief that they were kidnappers.

The Police had queried the whereabouts of the kingpin who was in handcuffs at the time the policemen were murdered.

But the Nigeria army responded claiming that the police intelligence response team (IRT), were shot over refusal to stop at checkpoints.

The newspaper report, quoting a source, claimed the police had earlier introduced themselves and stated the reason for their missions at three different checkpoints

“They even chatted, joked and exchanged pleasantries,” one of the sources reportedly said.

“The arrest was made within 20 minutes and while they were returning, soldiers at the first and second checkpoints asked them if they were already through. The soldiers and operatives know one another, but the phone call from top military personnel changed everything.”

The source added that the policemen were taken unaware, leading to the somersaulting of their vehicle under the torrents of gunshots.

The source said: “When the operatives got to Ibi town, they booked their arrival at the police station and proceeded with assistance from a policeman attached to them in the state headquarters, Jalingo, to trace and arrest Alhaji Hamisu Wadume, who is wanted because he is linked to several kidnappings in Taraba State, including a recent kidnapping in which N100 million was collected as ransom. 

“After arresting Wadume, the operatives were heading to police headquarters at Jalingo, when gang members of Wadume, who are close to an army captain serving in Ibi town, called the army and told him that his friend had been kidnapped. Without any verification or inquiries, the army captain ordered his men along the highway to ambush the policemen.” 

The defence headquarter has constituted a seven-man panel to probe the killing after President Muhammadu Buhari gave the directive.


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