Saraki warns against using “only” in the death of Nigerians

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The Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki has warned against the use of “only” when describing the death of the military men fighting against Boko Haram, and the lives of Nigerians in general.

Saraki posted this on his Facebook Fan page on Thursday afternoon.

The Senate President said “In commenting on the deaths of our servicemen and women who sacrifice their lives for the security of our nation, we must refrain from using the word “only.”

“It goes without saying that this also applies to all Nigerian lives lost in terrible incidents. We must not trivialize the severity of casualty figures.

“All of us — politicians, the media and security agencies— have a role to play in emphasizing the value of human life. Even if one person lost, it is one person too many. Every human life is sacred and infinitely valuable.”



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