Policy Implementation: Edo Govt Pounder Stronger Bonding with Civil Societies

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Government continuous engagement with Civil Societies and Stakeholders in Policy planning and Implementation, help transmits Transparency and Accountability to its people.

The opportunity to create such grounds for the fair play was assured by Edo State Government, in a fora with members of the Edo Civil Society Organizations, EDOCSO, during its first General Assembly, held recently in Benin City, the state capital.

Godwin Obaseki: Policy Implementation: Edo Govt Pounder Stronger Bonding with Civil Societies
Godwin Obaseki

The Edo State Chief of Staff, Comrade Taiwo Akerele, who attended the event, said, he was there on behalf of the State Government to interface and seek collaborations with them (EDOCSO).

Akerele, while addressing the Assemblage, explained some of the misconceptions harboured against State Government Policies and Programs Implementation.

He sued, for collaboration between the authorities and Civil Society Organizations in delivering dividends of democracy to the people.

When asked to justify the series of attacks on EDOCSO, who sometime last year, protested against the privatization of the five-star Specialist Hospital, Comrade Akerele, however, apologised on behalf of the State Government.

Akerele posited that the Specialist Hospital was solely owned by the government but managed by a third party.

He suggested that the conversation should be built around sustainability and affordability of the hospital to the masses.

Questions were raised around several activities and policies of the government which he responded to accordingly.

He, assured of a Town Hall meeting to be organized soon, where all stakeholders, will have the opportunity to express their concerns on the activities of government with a view of feedback opportunities from the government.

On his part, the Coordinator-General of EDOCSO, Leftist Omobude Agho, decried the non-existence of partnership and collaboration, between Edo State Government and the Civil society in the advancement of its Policies to the society.

He, appreciated the Chief of Staff, for taking out time to attend the General Assembly and explained the activities of government in the wake of criticisms.

He averred that EDOCSO will remain apolitical in its activities and agitations for a better working system.

He submitted that the major reason the civil society usually have different views to government policies was simply that, the government have not engaged enough, the civil society into the picture of its activities.


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