Police Arrest Three Men For Stealing Female Pants

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The Niger Police Command says it has arrested three suspects specializes in stealing female pants in Niger State.

The three suspects, Mohammed Ali, 24; Epharaim Isaih, 19; and Abubakar Sadiq, 18; were arrested by Lapai and Kiffin-KOro Division

Police Arrest Three Men For Stealing Female Pants
The Nigerian police Force

It was gathered that the trio have been involved in the acts for more than two years.

According to the information gathered, Ali contracted his accomplice to provide four female pants for the cost of N20,000.

He stole two pants and was caught by the people while stealing the third.

Ali stated, “One Madaji Yabajeko from Agaie is my customer who comes to sew clothes from me. He approached me to steal pants for him, that if I steal four pants, he will pay me N20, 000.

“I have stolen three pants so far and gave them to him but he has not paid me. He said he would pay me after the pants are complete.”

The suspect confessed that he stole when the owners were not home but the last one, he was unlucky as the woman was around.

“I steal pants from the windows of the student’s lodge off campus. The last one which they caught me, I did not know the owner was at home. As I put my hand inside the bathroom to take the pant, that was how she shouted and people cane around and I was caught.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Abubakar Muhammad confirmed the incident, adding that the suspect confessed.

The PRO advised females to be careful where they leave their underpants as there were perpetrators roaming to use it for God knows what.

He said the suspects were arrested at different locations and would be charged to court as soon as the police complete its investigation.


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