Oshiomhole Is Becoming A Terror, Tame Him Now – Group Tells Buhari

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A socio -political group, the Reformed OGHOMWAN Mandate Group, has asked president Muhammadu Buhari to tame the “emerging terror” -like attitude of the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC Adams Oshiomhole.


In an open letter to president Buhari signed by George Osagie Osaghae Esq, the Director of History, Statistics and Strategy Wing, it said “Whereas, the Etsako people who are predominantly in Edo North senatorial District by reason of historical linage as a tribal group in Edo State have harmonious sociocultural and political ties with the Benins who are predominantly based in Edo south senatorial district, and this unique ties is replete with thousands of inter-marriages.

“Whereas, the people of Edo north senatorial district have been circumspect of entrusting Comrade Adams Oshiomhole with critical political power, hence their massive votes against Oshiomhole’s Action Congress in 2007 gubernatorial election as opposed to their votes for an Edo central born gubernatorial candidate of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party as it where; and the Benins of Edo South rescued.

“Oshiomole’s ambition by voting en-masse for him and providing the most germane impetus for the long drawn battle through the tribunal and court of Appeal culminating in his swaring-in as Governor on 11th November 2008. Whereas, the Benins produced the immediate past National Chairman of the APC – Chief John Odigie Oyegun, and throughout his tenure he never antagonized or agonized Adams Oshiomhole as Governor; and whereas, Governor Godwin Obaseki provided the backbone at the State level for Adams Oshiomhole to emerge as National chairman of the APC, and ironically, since his emergence as National Chairman, Edo State has become the Igbo metaphoric import of NGIGE, the bird that climbed a shaking rope, neither the bird nor the rope will have peace. Edo as a State and APC as a party have not had peace.

“This consolidared cultural harmony between the Benins and Afemai is what Adams Oshiomhole is recklessly toying with under the watchful eyes of the Otaru of Auchi and other prominent traditional rulers of Edo North extraction.

“The terrorism that Adams Oshiomhole shamelessly wield in Edo State led to a fatality of national opprobrium and save for the grace of God and Edo ancestors, either the Oba of Lagos or Governor Godwin Obaseki would have been gruesomely murdered or brutally assaulted in Adams Oshiomhole private residence at Iyamoh by a ring of violent mob operating in a pseudonym of Adams Oshiomhole’s militia, after his heavily armed gang led by one Romeo descended on the Governor’s convoy who were formally invited by the APC national chairman himself. God spared us of that collateral catastrophe.

“Edo State has produced three national chairmen of ruling parties in Nigeria, apart from Adams Oshiohole, none descended to inanities or turned into a Terror who delight in imposing his ill-will on the state Governor in order to puncture the increasingly popular legacies of the Governor’s administration. The same former Governor Oshiomhole who blackmailed party leaders to throw Godwin Obaseki on board as Governor on account of his upbeat economic and human development capacity has turned 360 degrees to blackmailing the same Governor to surrender the State’s treasury to criminals and political renegades in the name of revenue collectors in other to service his unquenchable thirst for highlife.

“It is on record that as part of his despicable ploy to punish Governor Obaseki, Comrade Oshiomhole has boasted to rig the primaries against him or push the Governor out of the party. Towards this, he has failed in several attempts to compel the Inspector General of Police to clampdown on political appointees of the Governor as well as party leaders opposed to the national chairman’s despicable interest including destroying APC in Edo State, consequently some persons were arrested and whisked in RAMBO styled fashion in October 2019 from Benin to Abuja on a trumped up charge; on 2nd November, Oshiomhole’s militia (OM) almost killed the Oba of Lagos and Governor Obaseki; on 12th November, Oshiomhole’s political renegades in a palace coup fashion kidnaped some party faithfuls and ferried them for a mischievous upstaging of the State chairman of the party in a their failed bid to set up a faction of APC. As we write this SAVE OUR SOUL letter to you now, we don’t know who is next in the deadly list of people to be kidnapped or whisked to Abuja IGP office or to execution rings. We call on you Mr. President to save our soul and restore peace to Edo by sacking Oshiomhol immediately and unconditionally in order to preserve the fragile peace in Edo and save the polity from degenerating into a foreseeable collapse.”


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