Nigerians attack Amnesty International over military video accusation

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By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

Watch the video here

Nigerians have frowned at the video which was said to have been released by Amnesty International accusing the military of killing innocent civilians by slitting their throat in the war zone in North East of Nigeria.

Amnesty in their report said a video footage received from some residence of Borno shows ”military personnel and civilian vigilantes calling five detainees out from a row of 16 young men and boys, then slitting their throats one by one before dumping their bodies into an open grave.”

The International right group also accused the military of killing over 600 Boko Haram detainees who attempted prison break in Giwa barracks, warning that violence against civilians constitutes “war crimes,”.

Reacting to the video report, Nigerians accused Amnesty International of taking sides in support of the terrorist, questioning their whereabouts since the sect has been killing innocent Nigerians in the North.

One commentator with the username omoyooba said “What I know about Nigerian military is that, if they are going to kill a human being, they shoot. I also know that, in Nigeria; only northern islamists slit throats to kill human beings.

”I have gone to AI website, even the video I saw blamed both BH and the army for the killings and it said soldiers shot their victims (not slit their throat).

”Google search: “Amnesty International gruesome video Nigeria”. go to the section on videos. then watch the video report yourself. BBC must have made the mistake and Nigerian journalists copied and pasted.”

Another one, Daniel Dalon80 who supported the first comment by Omoyooba said ”And we know for sure that BH wears military uniforms for many of its operations. The Nigerian Army’s fatigues are usually supplied by shody contractors and, just like their weapons, are substandard. Boko Harams uniforms and weapons are usually more superior to the military’s. But of course, Boko Haram prefers to behead than to shoot, that gives their game away.

”As usual Amnesty is more concern about the lot of the terrorists than that of the victims…and we understand why. They need to stay relevant, they need to raise money…and whats more sensational? Blaming TERRORIST LIKE Al Qaeda and Boko Haram for atrocities or blaming govts like American or Nigerian?

Another one said ”BBC, also quote that soldiers slits their throat. But anything the military do to Boko Haram, they deserved it.”

A username Fide said ”Amnesty how many cases of abuse have you people recorded on the side of boko haram since their emancipation?”

Responding to Fide question, NWA_Africa said ”If they try such they will be killed the next day. Nigeria should ban the useless amnesty because they are foreign terrorist.

It cannot be ruled out that some members of the sect operate in military uniform and it is also unbelievable that Nigerian soldiers slit throats of innocent Nigerians as that is usually the barbaric method of killing by the Boko Haram members, said one Nigerians who seems to strongly oppose the accusation

According to Christian Ejiofor, one of the commentators said ”Just yesterday i just watched a video of how these animals slit the throat of a police officer, i don’t want to upload it here because it is cruel ,disgusting ,and the fools and beast are shouting Allah ku bar , i wept, i couldn’t watch again,the other videos of how they killed others in the way, and the idiots was caught and there killing was more honorable by shooting the fools ,and amnesty or what ever they call them is talking shit, where were amnesty when America destroyed Irag .Libya ,Syria,etc, if i have my way all the villages surrounding these fools ,who do not want to give security agencies information on them should wiped out with them,Amnesty ni ,Amnesty ko,,nonsense”

Meanwhile,  Defence Headquarters spokesman, Chris Olukolade said that the video footage is being studied with a view to identifying those behind such arts,

He assured that there will be a ”legal action against any personnel or anyone found culpable.”

The military authorities also  rejected past accusations, insisting the military follows international best practice in its fight against the group.

More Nigerian views expected. Leave your reply under if your name isn’t up.. Naija Center News is where everyone’s view counts.


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