Nigerians Are Losing Faith In Leadership, Says Oyegun

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  • reacts on the establishment of Amotekun

A former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), John Oyegun has lamented the dearth of leadership values in the country, saying that the citizenry are losing faith in nationhood

Odigie Oyegun
Odigie Oyegun

Oyegun made this known at the 17th edition of the Daily Trust Dialogue.

The 80-year- old leader said the citizens are losing hope in their leaders and nation.

I borrow from what the former governor of Borno State (Kashim Shettima) said. He passionately appealed that we must try to make Nigeria work. Why is Nigeria not working?

The former Edo state governor said leadership in the past twenty years were unpopular while leaving office.

“I dare to even say that there is hardly a single administration in those 20 years that has not left office unpopular and unheralded.

“We have never asked ourselves the question of why are our people getting increasingly unhappy with their governors within those 20 years.

“Why are they getting poorer, why are they losing hope, those are the questions I think pose a threat to our democracy because today we are beginning to hear rumblings that we didn’t hear before.”

Oyegun said the controversy over Amotekun”, a security outfit established by south-west governors, is an example of growing discontent among a section of the citizens.

“Amotekun is just one of them which show a general feeling of enough is not being done in certain areas and this has been a growing syndrome in the last 20 years,” he said.

“What have we missed between the government and the people? What should we be doing as a government, as leaders that we are not doing? Why is it that our people are losing hope, losing faith in us, and hope in the nation?

“So, there is something fundamentally wrong I cannot give you the answer but it is something that another dialogue probably needs to address.”


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