‘My husband brought another wife into our one-room apartment’

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A young Muslim lady in puddah, Mrs. Ramotu Taiwo, has pleaded with the Oshodi Customary Court to dissolve her union with Mr. Rahmon Taiwo.

The couple got married under the Muslim custom in 2009 and has a male child, Bilal.

Ramotu told the court that her husband threatened her life, had no respect for her and her family, beat her and always spoke about her disparagingly in their neighbourhood.

She said there was no more love to sustain their marriage as they had been separated for two years.

She added that all she had said was not the most painful part of her stay in her husband’s house, other than the fact that he had turned her into one of the ladies in puddah and he still went out to marry another woman, whom he brought to live with them in their one-room apartment.

“I couldn’t stand the fact that my husband, my child and I were living in a room apartment let alone have another woman with us. I decided to pack out of the house, leaving my child behind. This was not intentional,” she said.

She claimed she had tried all she could to get her son back from her husband, but all her efforts proved abortive, and that the other time the court ruled that the child be given to her, her husband came and tricked the boy away with N50 bobo as that was what he told her he wanted to get for him before she allowed him to take the boy away. She said she called him some minutes later but he claimed he was already on his way to Badagry with the child, asking her not to bother looking for either him or the little boy.

Ramotu said all she wanted was the custody of her child as she was not ready to re-marry and for her husband to stop harassing her all round the neighbourhood.

The husband had earlier told the court that he was not ready to dissolve his marriage and that his religion permitted him to marry more than a wife.

However, Taiwo was absent in court when he was meant to present the child and also defend himself.

His wife said he told her that he was never going to come to the court again and there was nothing anyone would do to him because no one could take his child from him.

She added that he was still living in the one-room apartment with her son and second wife at No. 6, Oladipupo Street, Santos Estate, Egbeda.

The court ordered that the man be informed of the next adjourned date, and that failure to come would earn him a jail term.

The case was adjourned till July 29, 2013.


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