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Make Buhari Accountable – Ezekwesili Tells Nigerians

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says Buhari doesn’t care

A former Minister of Education, Dr Eze EKwesili has told Nigerians to make President Muhammadu Buhari accountable.

She made this on her Twitter page on Saturday.

Obiageli Ezekwesili on Al Jazeera
Obiageli Ezekwesili

According to the former Minister who threw her hart in the ring during the 2019 general election said Nigerians should stop giving the President “a free pass”

She said Buhari has comfort in the Presidential Villa and does not really care about what’s happening to Nigerians.

She was reacting to the report by The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that over 98 million Nigerians are now living in multidimensional poverty.

According to Ezekwesili ‘Someone who saw an online report of my Keynote Wole Soyinka Centre with the headline “Buhari is Ruling A Divided Country” wondered at my very rare use of the word, ‘rule’ instead of ‘govern’ My Response: Buhari is not Governing Nigeria. He thinks Nigeria a Kingdom and he is King.

“Does it appear to any reasonable Nigerian that Buhari cares about what’s going on with his citizens? Is there any sign that the state of our Security, Economy, Human Capital, Physical Capital and Social Cohesion worry the President? He thinks & acts as a ruler.

‘For as long as Citizens give the President Buhari a Free Pass to “balance in the opulence of the Villa” while delivering the shoddiest type of Governance, be sure he will continue to assume his usual entitlement.
Citizens have a Duty to let him know he is Accountable.’

A few days ago, Madam due process, as she is fondly called, pounced on the President Buhari over his negligence towards the dilemma of Nigerians.

She had said “Buhari shows no sense of urgency to tackling the numerous governance challenges that keep multiplying?

“Do we at all have a President in the office these days? This is a legitimate question that should be answered by Aso Rock.

“How can a Government be so oblivious of the temperature of the country it is supposedly ‘governing

“Let’s say Aso Rock says we do have a President, can they please let him know that our Constitution has no provision for Imperial Presidency?”


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