LASU regrets

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What else can those who were not born with silver spoons in their tiny mouths do again to acquire education in this country called Nigeria? How can someone spend seven years at the Lagos State University School of Part Time Studies for a programme of five years and yet no result to show for it? What fruitless years of self-deprivation it has become in order to get a degree in LASU? Why should the students be at the receiving end of the inability of the university authorities to have good internal control system in place to check some of their corrupt staff? The set of students who sat their final exams a year ago was reliably informed that the standstill in the school was because the management was carrying out a financial audit exercise. Future lives of these students are being put on the line. The Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, who is also the Visitor to the school should act now to save the school’s sagging image.

Oko Ishieje,

50, Odo Street, Obalende,

Lagos State,






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