Lai Mohammed Directs NBC To Formulate Regulation For Online Broadcast

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Despite nationwide lash-back, the Nigerian government is still making plans to curtail the media.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed gave the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) a directive to formulate regulations for online media on Thursday.

Lai Mohammed
Lai Mohammed

Mohammed also included the international broadcasters beaming signals into Nigeria and hate speech in the directive.

Others are the regulation of human resources and staff welfare, funding for the implementation of the reforms, monitoring, independence of the regulator and ease of issuing licenses as well as competition and monopoly issues.

The Minister’s media aide, Segun Adeyemi released the statement on behalf of his principal.

Lai Mohammed had in October 2018 hinted about regulating the online broadcasters in Nigeria.

The statement says the minister has directed the NBC to formulate a regulation that will reposition the broadcasting industry, promote local content and create jobs.

The Minister said the directive was following the recommendations approved by President Muhammadu Buhari after the committee submitted its report.

“This will empower local producers with proper funding and investment, enhance foreign collaborations, develop the local industry, raise the standard of local productions and ultimately, lead to job creation.

“The new regulations will also ensure that producers of content are paid promptly for adverts and sponsored content placed on all TV, radio and broadcast platforms, ensure that the production of adverts are localized to create and promote local production and, where it is not, to attract a charge every time such an advert is aired, with the charge being put into a fund to help develop local expertise in production,” he said.

He highlighted that for musical content, a new regulation will ensure that broadcasters are prevented from illegal and unpaid use of musical works without payment of the applicable license fees and/or royalties required by music rights owners.

The minister added that the new regulations “will re-energize the broadcast industry, deliver real value in the sector and grow the creative industry for the benefit of the practitioners.”


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