IBB Letter: Don Pedro Obaseki condemns police gestapo move against Prince Afegbua

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A former governorship aspirant in the last election in Edo State, Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki has described the action of the Nigerian Police as deplorable. regarding the letter allegedly written by a former President of Nigeria, Ibrahim  Babangida

Don Pedro Obaseki
Don Pedro Obaseki

Don Pedro made the call on Wednesday in a statement personally signed and disseminated to media houses.

IBB had written a letter through his spokesman, Prince Kassim Afegbua to President Muhammadu Buhari, advising him to allow younger generation with technological drive take over.

The former President also urged Nigerians to tolerate Buhari till 2019 before voting in other capable hands, a move similar to a memo written by another former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who suggested a coalition for Nigeria.

IBB memo had generated a lot of buzz over its authenticity as another communique allegedly written by him (IBB) pop up countering the previous statement submitted by Afegbua.

The Nigerian Police declared the spokesman wanted, describing his memo as inciteful, hours after IBB spoke with Thisday Newspaper reaffirming his position in the memo written by his spokesman, Prince Afegbua.

In his response, Don Pedro Obaseki who is also the convener of the Midwest Movement wondered if the Nigerian Inspector General of Police consulted with IBB before declaring his spokesman wanted.

He described the move as “gross abuse of process, emblematic of the near-gestapo state that Nigeria has degenerated to”

“What warrants a “WANTED” declaration or order from the IGP on Prince Kassim Afegbua? Was he ever invited by the Police, prior to that dubious order and Afegbua refused to honour same? Did his principal report a case of impersonation to the police prior to that? Did General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida not grant an interview personally to a national daily (ThisDay) stating clearly that Afegbua acted on his (IBB’s) instruction(s)? Is it not curious that ChannelsTV & NTA kept broadcasting a rebuttal purportedly signed by General Babangida, GCON (when General Babangida’s correct suffix is ” GCFR”)?

“I am compelled to conclude that it is the proverbial “Hand of Esau, Voice of Jacob” at play. Unfortunately, the author of the unfolding melodrama is in the words of Aristotle, a “writer of bad prose!”

“Prince Kassim Afegbua, a great Edo son and a Nigerian patriot of Midwest extraction, is not a stranger to the masses of our beloved country. He is a proud son of the Midwest Region, and a believer in the potential greatness of our country. It thus must be stated unequivocally, that it appears Prince Afegbua is being maligned as an obvious victim of the IGP’s increasingly selective dispersal of his duties! The common man is victim! It appears like anyone who is bold enough to vocalize the muted cries of the common man, morphs into WANTED MAN in the Police lexicon.

“While not denying the Police the rights to perform its statutory functions, it must do it within the ambit of the Law! Anything to the contrary is unacceptable, and thus a gross violation of the rights of Prince Afegbua as a bona fide citizen of Nigeria as enshrined in, and protected by our Constitution. We are in a democracy and the Nigeria Police is not a Gestapo outfit!” He said



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