How Nigeria Customs Officer Mistakenly Shot Colleague Over N5000 Bribe

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Calamity struck along Lagos-Benin Expressway on Sunday after a Nigeria customs Officer mistakenly shot his colleague over N5000 bribe

Trouble started when the officer, ASC1 Destiny Onebamho attached to the Federal Operation Unit (FOU) Zone A Ikeja stopped a van carrying Nigerian returnees.

Customs CG, Hameed Ali
Customs CG, Hameed Ali

According to an eyewitness who was one of the returnees, Onebamho stopped the vehicles and ordered the driver to alight, then asked him for N5000 bribe and when he refused, he ordered all the passengers to step down.

However, contrary to earlier report that the deceased was a returnee, information gathered by NAIJA CENTER NEWS showed that the custom officer mistakenly shot a colleague.

In a video which was widely circulated on social media, a lady’s voice was heard accusing the customs officer of shooting the victim over alleged N5,000 bribe.

Narrating the incident, one of the returnees whose name could not be ascertained said “The officer gave orders to our driver and he pulled over, then walked to the back of the vehicle to meet the officer.

“He came back and told us that they demanded to check our bags but one of us told them that we were Nigeria returnees and we passed through the airport, we have no illegal things.

“But the man insisted that he was doing his job, so we were forced to alight. The man said we must all open our bags for check but we refused.

“As a boy brought up his camera to video the scene, another officer came with a stick to hit him. Suddenly, he pulled his gun, shot and a boy fell on the floor, died on the spot.

“As soon as it was obvious that he had killed someone, the rest ran into the bush, so we held two of them. Later we realized that the boy that was shot wore a shirt with the inscription “customs officer”

“The driver later told us that the customs officer decided to search our bags after he refused to give him N5000.

“So, out of greed, the customs officer mistakenly killed one of his own in an attempt to shoot us. We spent over an hour there and there was no policemen presence.”


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