Horrible! Woman kills grandson, roasts, shares flesh to friends

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By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

An unbelievable thing happened in Doso Village, Doko District of Niger State as a grandmother, Fatima Saraka Mohammed killed her  nine year old grandson known as Mohammed for meal.

Fatima Mohammed, Suspects
Fatima Mohammed, and her cohorts: Suspects

After she carried out the inhuman act, she roasted the flesh, drank the blood and shared  the flesh with two other people who were in the loop of the act.

Leadership said that the little boy was always around the grandmother. When the parents were not around, he would  sleep or rest on the grandmother, little did he know that he would be used for food.

Little Mohammed was always happy whenever his father returned from an outing and would run to embrace him, but this time, the father, Mohammed Doko could not find his son to do the usual thing.

The father started looking for his son immediately,  the search turned to weeks yet little Mohammed was no where to be found. He travelled to neighbouring villages hoping he could just see his son who may have wandered away but to no avail.

A villager who had earlier seen the grandmother taking the little child towards a bush path told the desperate father. Doko’s house is about 50 metres away from his mother, hence making it easy for the grandmother to always spend time with little Mohammed.

It was gathered that concerned villages confronted Fatima (Mohammed grandmother) after days of fruitless search, but initially denied seeing the boy or knowing his whereabouts.

Fatima could not longer hold the pressure when she was threatened by the unhappy crowd to confess or face police intervention. She confessed that she took the boy to a nearby bush where she invited a 38 yaers old man, one Zhitsu Aliyu, who helped her slaughter the little boy and gathered his blood in a bowl.

She also confessed that her friend, Amina Musa Mohammed who she said belong to the same cult of witches with her, was part of the plan

After she disclosed how each of her members took part in drinking her grandson’s blood, the villagers searched the scene of the crime and found the murder weapon (knife) and clothes stained with blood to confirm her confession.

Fatima and her cohorts were handed over to the police in Bida division and was immediately transferred to the office of the Anti-Homicide squad at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Niger State police Command.

At the station, Fatima confessed how she abducted her grandchild for several days before killing him.

The three suspects confessed sharing and drinking the flesh and blood of the boy to satisfy their witchcraft spirit, revealing further that they had arranged to present their grandkids to the cult as it was their turn.

Fatimia said “I am the first to kill my grandchild, and this is our first time. It was God that exposed us,”

They said they regretted their actions and blamed it on the spirit inside them, adding that God should forgive them as they now know what they did was wrong.

The police Public relations officer, Ibrahim Abiodun Gambari, while speaking on the issue disclosed that investigation was ongoing and the suspects had been taken to Chief Magistrate’s court, presided over by Alhaji Hameed Ahmed Bima

Meanwhile at the court, the presiding magistrate could not hide his feelings over the dastardly act. They suspects pleaded guilty to conspiracy, homicide, and cannibalism.


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