FRSC Explains Condition For Google Map Usage During Driving

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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has explained the rationale behind it’s tough stance on the use of Google Map while driving.

The Corps has given it’s condition under which drivers can make use of Google map.

Boboye Oyeyemi, FRSC corps marshal, gave the condition at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday.

He said the only condition road users could use Google map is with the aid of car-holding phone devices, adding that anyone caught holding their phone while using the map will be arrested and prosecuted.

“The use of google map while driving is allowed, but hand-held driving and usage are offences associated with driving and anyone caught would face the law squarely,” Oyeyemi said.

“If you must use Google map while driving, you must get the car-holding phone devices which is both for your safety and for better usage of the device and the application.”

Oyeyemi also said the organisation would work with the Nigeria police force to ensure those abusing sirens and convoy are prosecuted accordingly, and their vehicles impounded.

He said most abusers of convoys and sirens are not government officials, but mainly private individuals who are unauthorised to use them.

“We have seen a lot of people abusing the use of convoys and we have taken it up to the appropriate authority. This year, we would take more drastic action,” he said.

“Abuse of convoys and sirens are an abuse of freedom of movement and intimidation to road users and citizens across the country and this act must stop.”


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