“The Evil of Femi Akenson Rotimi”, Nigeria Ambassador to Sri Lanka

.............Accused of Sexual Harrassment

……..He fired me because I refused to sleep with him – former secretary

By Ehi Ekhator

Being an ambassador, your primary assignment is to be an official representative to a foreign country. One of your duties is to paint the country you are representing in a good image; this is a different case when it gets to the Ambassador to Sri Lanka, F. A. Rotimi.

Mr. Rotimi is not a stowed away individual when discussing an envoy or an ambassador with a boycott, however, a nation like Nigeria, influential individuals are scarcely crucified notwithstanding their horrific and humiliating demeanor home and abroad.

A fan who read about his egoistic attitude towards NAIJA CENTER NEWS during VP Sambo visit in Sri Lanka said she wasn’t surprised as she knew it would only be a matter of time before he (Rotimi) shows his true colour.

Her words “I read your news on the Sri Lankan meeting and was utterly not surprised considering my brush with Rotimi who is the ambassador there, I knew it would only be a matter of time before signs of his true colors began to show”

“His trip to Poland was the punitive equivalent of sending someone to Serbia, this was as a result of his atrocities,

“During this “chastisement” probation was when his moles were deleting his bad case files which aided him in scaling through the panel screening for an ambassadorial position. he had cases of infidelity and illegitimate children, bilking the chancery position and even fraudulent papers presented to the Ministry which was the basis of his being appointed in the first place to chancery”

She added “He brags about being untouchable and what not, uses security to harass “un-friendly media” as long as you are not on his hatchet team to cover up stuff”

In the book written by Mr. John Igbokwe in 1995 titled “The Evil of Femi Akenson Rotimi” it narrated his atrocities during his time in the Philippines as the head of Chancery.

According to the book, Mr. Rotimi’s fraudulent rank was first discovered by a Nigerian diplomat who was working with him in Manila. It was discovered that Femi Akenson Rotimi arrived in the Philippines with a rank he dubiously acquired.

Below is a summary of his atrocities:

1. Mr. F. A. Rotimi committed a criminal breach when he served in Canada. He was demoted in rank and punitively transferred to a former Communist country in Europe.

2. Stealing of embassy property by Mr. F. A. Rotimi that Ajewole did not investigate leading to a popular perception that Nigerian diplomats in Manila are thieves.

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3. Mr. F. A. Rotimi corruptly claimed several thousands of United States’ dollars in false and unqualified Kindergarten education expenses for his under-aged daughter with the conscious acquiescence of Charge D’Affaires, Mr. Ajewole.

4. Four (4) confirmed and two (2) widely assumed Nigerian citizens were assassinated in the Philippines over the seventeen-year history of the Embassy of Nigeria, Manila from 1981 through 1998. Five or 83.33 percent of the six murders occurred under the incredibly reckless and corrupt administration of Messrs. Samuel I. Ajewole and Femi Akenson Rotimi. A seventh murder which occurred in 1999 was a direct result of the foundation of abuse and neglectful insensitivity laid by Messrs. Ajewole and Rotimi.

5. Three (3) or 60 percent of the five murders that occurred under the watch of Rotimi and Ajewole took place over a period of less than six months between late May 1995 and November 14, 1995.

6. Incompetence and methodical practice of wickedness by Mr. Rotimi and Mr. Ajewole resulted in deliberate disinterest of the embassy in the safety and security of Nigerians in the Philippines, making Nigerian citizens moving targets in a sometimes uncaring society. The embassy did not seek justice for murdered Nigerian citizens even when evidence from Philippine authorities clearly showed there was a basis to seek justice.

7. Mr. Samuel Ajewole, as Charge D’Affaires and Mr. Femi Akenson Rotimi, as Head of Chancery have the blood of Nigerian citizens on their hands. The two Officers were and still are morally responsible for the murder of Mr. Lewis Akenzua. In a 1995 meeting inside the Chancery of the embassy, Dr. Akinleye Famoyegun, a Nigerian Professor at the local Manila-based Philippine National Police Academy informed the two senior officials and the meeting that his students at the Academy had told him (Dr. Famoyegun) that they were involved in the killing of the two Nigerian citizens in Baguio City. Dr. Famoyegun also informed Messrs. Ajewole and Rotimi at this meeting that his Police informants warned him that more Nigerian citizens would be killed. Arch. Benjamin Okafor also informed Ajewole and Rotimi at this meeting that the landlord of one of the two victims (Morgan) had boasted about his involvement in the murder plot. An elected Councillor of the City of Baguio also publicly denounced the murders as summary executions. The Embassy of Nigeria, i.e., Ajewole and Rotimi were given the tools – from three different sources – with which to follow up on, not just the murders and assist Philippine authorities in seeking justice for the two Nigerian citizens, but also the tip about other plots to harm Nigerian citizens. Worse, when the brother of Morgan arrived in Manila from Saipan and approached the embassy for help, Mr. Rotimi advised him to not pursue justice as the Philippines was too dangerous for that. The deliberate decision of Ajewole and Rotimi to not defend Nigeria left the impression on the Philippine public that Nigeria did not attach any value to the lives of her citizens. This resulted in the subsequent brazen assassination of Mr. Lewis Akenzua! (Pages 90 – 92 of Chapter 7 of A BROKEN MISSION).

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8. Mr. Femi Akenson Rotimi authored death threats against a Nigerian citizen (Chapter 8 of A BROKEN MISSION) in an effort to intimidate the citizen who had asked the embassy to get involved in fighting for justice for murdered Nigerian citizens. In a Machiavellian play, Mr. Rotimi also orchestrated a bomb threat against the embassy to divert attention from popular clamour for justice for murdered Nigerian citizens. The Philippine authorities investigated this bomb threat without talking to any members of the Nigerian Community for leads or theories about the unprovoked bomb threat.

9. The 1995 sabotage of Nigeria’s economic interests when Mr. F. A. Rotimi actively worked against the prospects of employment of Nigerian citizens with the Government of Papua New Guinea, in a notorious, unprecedented act of economic treason, in pursuit of petty vindictiveness (Chapter 9 of A BROKEN MISSION).

10. Mr. F. A. Rotimi scandalously consorted with women other than his wife, fathering and abandoning up to four bastards with assorted women. In one particularly abusive instance, Mr. Rotimi falsely claimed to be the “Ambassador of Nigeria” with an orphaned Filipino girl; had a child with her and then abandoned both mother and child, resulting not only in the negative branding of Nigeria’s image in the Philippines but also in the growing army of lost Nigerian citizens in foreign countries (Chapter 6 of A BROKEN MISSION).

11. Vindictive discrimination and abuse of office by Mr. Rotimi and Mr. Samuel Ajewole who extracted a donation of USD$1,000.00 from the embassy for Mr. Ajewole’s Deeper Life Church in Manila, but denied official assistance to the widow of Mr. Lewis Akenzua, a Nigerian citizen who was murdered two weeks after he was married. The same vindictive streak caused Mr. Rotimi and Mr. Ajewole to abandon the pleas for help from a destitute Nigerian citizen detained in immigration jail for three years on a simple charge of overstaying his tourist visa.

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12. Treating Nigerian citizens as second-class citizens when they attend the embassy for consular business or excluding them from the anniversary celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day where Mr. Rotimi gave his mistress a place of pride.

He fired me because I refused to sleep with him – former secretary

On the 12th of August, 2013, NAIJA CENTER NEWS was contacted by Mr. Rotimi former secretary alleging that she was fired over her refusal to sleep with the ambassador. According to Priyani (Not real name), the ambassador has tried to get her to sleep with him severally both in his office and at his home.

She also told  NAIJA CENTER NEWS that whenever she went to his office, Mr. Rotimi would stay at the door, hold her waist and drag her to himself. She added that it was becoming annoying and she had to tell few persons in the embassy.

She also mentioned a close companion of the ambassador who she identified as Augustin Jimoa, who also approached her saying she had refused to do her work very well by not being the office and wife secretary.

When she refused the pressure, the ambassador resorted to sacking her.

All attempt to investigate the allegation proved abortive as none of the staff of the embassy was ready to talk about it. They reminded our correspondent that we were about to support a foreigner to fight a fellow national.

Mr. Rotimi advised us to stay away from his former secretary alleging that she was evil the moment we asked: “Where is the secretary, your excellency?”

A few months ago, Mr. Romiti was almost sued in Nigeria for attempting to force his way into his tenant’s house when the tenant’s younger sister was only left at home.

The allegation he also denied. But a source told NAIJA CENTER NEWS that, it takes the intervention of the lawyer, J.B. Daudu, and co, the immediate past NBA President’s chambers, to drop the charges against him.



NB: For anyone who needs the full book written about Mr. Rotimi should email NCN for a copy.



8 Responses to "“The Evil of Femi Akenson Rotimi”, Nigeria Ambassador to Sri Lanka"

  1. Prettilicious   February 27, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Sandra Smith is actually bola rotimi, the second wife of femi akenson rotimi, she hides her identity on facebook by hiding her profile picture. She only found out about femi akenson rotimi fathering his biological son for the past 17 years. she has every evidence in black and white to prove her story.

  2. sandra smith   February 20, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    maree Illana is actually koupa gerega the woman mentioned in a broken mission who has a child for femi akenson rotimi her name on facebook is actually mune irau she uses multiple names to hide her identity she was expected to recruit nigerians in the Philippines but instead had an affair and had a son in 1996,the author of a broken mission wrote about koupa gerega but did not know she had a son for him.

  3. Maree Illana   February 6, 2014 at 7:30 am

    I am not surprised on the evil agendas of this particular person, these are his true colours. He thinks he rules the world, can produce innocent children and abandon them. He expects women to bow down at him meaning keeping their mouths shut.

    Contact me and I will expose more…….

  4. myk   November 29, 2013 at 6:40 am

    Well am not suprised at his imppunity bcos d people who put him there are even worse Dan him

  5. myk   November 29, 2013 at 6:36 am

    Off course d people who put him there are worse criminals compared 2 him so am not shocked at his Impunity

  6. festus aitah   November 25, 2013 at 4:58 am

    it shocked me to bone marrow that evening in benin-city when the news came about the murder of my brother lewis akenzua(real name,lewis monday aitah).Talking about the ambassador i am not suprise because i have live in different countries and none of nigeria ambassadors are different from mr rotimi. we heard the wife of lewis was pregnant before lewis was murdered,if this writer can contact me with the wife of my late brother to know if really she was pregnant then and delivered,so ,the family of aitah to restablish contact with the child and wife .plz try to contact me with my e-mail [email protected].i am presently residing in italy,milan.

  7. Gbenga   November 25, 2013 at 1:22 am

    Congy rugged ambassador, They should send him to Pakistan or Afgan or maybe iran. So, he can learn to contain His extremely high sex drive.

  8. solomon   November 25, 2013 at 1:19 am

    How did this criminal make his way to be an ambassador? He is suppose to be in jail, what is he doing as an ambassador? So, disappointing that such unchecked cheap thieves end up in Govt. High time we should pass these info to Ministry of foreign affair.


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