EFCC To Go After Doctors Issuing Fake Medical Reports – Magu

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The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr Ibrahim Magu discloses on Friday that the commission is going after fraudulent doctors.

He made the statement in Abuja while having an interactive session with journalists.

EFCC To Go After Doctors Issuing Fake Medical Reports - Magu

Magu said the commission will investigate doctors issuing fake medical reports to suspects facing prosecution for alleged economic and financial crimes.

“We will extend our investigation to doctors who connive with criminals and give them fake medical report. We have to go after them and fight them.

“Those facing corrupt allegations go as far as getting fake reports from abroad. So, the practice of giving fake medical report must stop,”

Magu stated that journalists don’t properly report most of the corruption cases, urging newsmen to join the fight against corruption in the nation.

“Most of the cases during prosecution are not properly reported. The stories are not balanced. I don’t know how many people go to court to report the actual incident and the facts.

“That is why we have endless cases in court. We are seriously going back to the drawing board and we will call all the lawyers handling our cases to tell us the status of the cases ongoing.

“Some would win senate and present serial medical results that they can not appear in court. Some would be brought to the court room in a stretcher,” he added.

Magu also said the commission was going after some non-governmental organisation operating in the north as they were being used for money laundering.


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