Edo: Strange juju found in Bishop’s house after petitioning Buhari over state of psychiatric hospital

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Few days after Bishop Ezekiel Orhevba petitioned the police over alleged plot to kidnap and kill him over his petition to President Muhammadu Buhari on the state of psychiatric hospital in Benin City, two strange objects were on Wednesday morning discovered at the entrance and exit door of the residence of Bishop Ezekiel Orhevba.

A statement was placed on the obejcts at the back which read “Ancient juju from ancient shrine for Ezekiel Oise Orhevba. See and, touch and die. If you have solution to all moves and attacks, you have no solution to this mother of all destructions.”

Orhevba said he had already informed the police and was waiting for their response.

“I came from Abuja late last night and this morning, it was people from outside who alerted me that something strange was there, which I will call juju, when police come, they will give it a better name.

“I have an issue with some people in Federal Psychiatric Hospital; I think they should know something about this.

“I have a petition against six people there, so there are proofs, these are exhibits against them. They think they can stop me from going to the police and maybe out of the case so that they can walk as freemen but I am not deterred and victory is sure.”

It would be recalled that Bishop Ezekiel Oise Orhevba has passionately appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to save the Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Uselu – Benin from what he termed: “its present irretrievably monumental rot.”

According to Bishop Orhevba petition to President Buhari, stated that unless the President intervenes in the affairs of the more than 50 years old Hospital, chances are that “it will experience a total ruin and abandonment.”

The Bishop, whose petition was further supported by a 22- paragraph affidavit to drive home his points, noted that there has been no peace in the hospital for over three years now.

“There has been steady retrogression of the hospital. The hospital is in total darkness,” he stated.

He further stated: “You can see the gardeners/landscape attendants using cutlasses to mow the grass instead of the former practice of using mechanical lawn mowers.

“Food for patients is now cooked with firewood instead of gas, thereby leading to massive environment pollution in a Psychiatric Medical facility, where convalescing patients are not supposed to inhale noxious gas.

“The hospital that has about 250 beds for patients hardly sees up to 50 patients now due to the unpleasant and unfriendly condition of the hospital.

While alleging that there is a “terrorist gang” involved in transcendental sleaze in the hospital, Bishop Orhevba claimed that since October 2014, the Medical Director, Dr. S. O. Olotu had sacked about eight senior members of staff of the hospital who had never had any query over framed up charges, adding that the purported sack of the officers concerned was not approved by either the minister or the permanent secretary.

Bishop Orhevba equally alleged that Dr. Olotu who is not a member of the cooperative society of the Hospital, forcibly dissolved the executive to put his own puppet.

He therefore called on the President to help end the reign of corruption and impunity going on at the Federal Psychiatric Hospital Benin so that the avowed manifesto of change for which President Buhari is globally acclaimed will not be aborted.


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