Edo State top FG evacuation of Nigerians from Libya

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The Federal Government has evacuated a total of 2,091 Nigerians from Libya, since the outbreak of the illegal migration that has sparked global reactions.


A data from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) showed a breakdown of the figures in batches as obtained by Channels Television on Friday.

In the first batch of Nigerian returnees, 488 comprising 395 males, 88 females and five children arrived from the troubled North African country where they were subjected to dehumanizing conditions referred to as modern slavery.

It was observed that Edo State topped the list with 273 males, 65 females and 2 children while Bayelsa, Benue, Kano and Nassarawa States, on the other hand, had the least representation with just one male. Kogi and Ondo states similarly had just one female representation each.

Edo State also led the list of the second batch of Nigerians with at least 224 people comprising 171 males, 49 females, and 4 children. Next in line was Delta State with 51 people comprising 39 males and 12 females. On the contrary, Benue State had no representation at all.

Statistics making the third batch of Nigerian returnees was far different from the first and second as Yobe State shockingly led other states of the federation with only 243 males. Edo came a distant second with 132 people cutting across 72 males, 55 females and five children. Ekiti, Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Kwara and Sokoto states had the least with just one representation each.

Of the 465 Nigerians making the fourth batch, Edo state bounced back with a leading 182 representing 120 males, 55 female, and seven children. Delta came a distant second with 43 males, 25 females leading to 68 people. Last on the least are Benue, Adamawa, Kano and Katsina states with one each.

The 134-man list making the fifth batch has Edo State leading with 44 male, 14 female, and two children bringing the total to 60 persons. Also, Delta State came far second with 16 persons consisting of 13 male, two female and a child. Ebonyi, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Kano and Rivers States came least with one representation each.


Source 0 Channels TV


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